Doomsday Returns To Kill Superman’s Whole Family

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: House of El #1

In DC’s Future State: House of El #1, Doomsday threatens to kill Superman‘s family. Set in the far future, the current faction of Superman’s descendants attempts to hold off the fort, protecting the members of the House of El and their sanctuary. The villainous Red King’s forces are unlike any force they’ve seen before. Comprised of the deadliest and most powerful beings from around the universe. Their request for reinforcements is unsuccessful as Rowan, the Blue Lantern of the House of El, returns with the news.

Only a miracle will save Superman’s future family as his future son, who is revealed as the Red King, marches forward with his undefeatable army. Pyrrhos, Superman’s son, has amassed and commands “not just Apokolips, but the Gods of New Genesis as well.” Adding to that, his forces have ships from every world he’s conquered and are rounded out by the Red King himself. The House of El’s takes their last stand as dawn approaches. Leading the Red King’s army is an army of Doomsday clones, which spell doom for Superman’s family.

In Future State: House of El #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Scott Godlewski, and Gae Eltaeb, the end is near as the House of El’s sanctuary is stormed by a band of Doomsday copies. Not only is Doomsday best known for being a ruthless killing machine, but they hold the title of being the only villain to ever kill Superman. Depicted as a soulless creation hell-bent on destroying the Man of Steel, Pyrrhos’ choice to bring an army of Doomsdays means the end for all Kryptonians who stand in their way.

Bringing Doomsdays to attack Superman’s family is possibly the biggest betrayal that anyone could’ve thought of. The threat of death for the House of El is extremely high as the threats they face have proven to be killing machines powerful enough to kill their greatest family member. Driven by their pride and want for “truth and justice,” the family of superheroes charges their enemies on the battlefield. Not only are the Doomsdays left unscarred, but they’re also able to block their heat vision. Superman’s family is fighting a hopeless fight.

Ultimately, the House of El is only saved by Superman’s arrival, if not they would’ve lost, that’s certain. Inches away from victory, Superman’s surprise appearance is what halts Pyrrhos’ incoming forces as he is persuaded by his father to follow him. Superman does what he does best, looking for hope in the direst of circumstances and seeking to help those who may seem completely lost. Saving the day, “truth and justice” prevail as the family members of the House of El live on to tell their story. Even in the darkest of times, with Doomsday back and their family threatened, Superman‘s shining light to bring hope back into those who’ve lost it.

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