Destiny 2’s Newest Glitch Lets Players Easily Clear Battleground: Foothold

A Destiny 2: Beyond Light player has discovered a new glitch that lets players easily clear the new game mode Battlegrounds: Foothold. Bungie is typically quick to patch these bugs, but currently, the developers are busy with several bugs and players cheating. This is just the latest in a series of glitches plaguing Destiny 2s Season of the Chosen.

Destiny 2 is a popular loot-shooter from Halo developers Bungie, with players wielding a mysterious power of light to protect humanity’s remnants in a crumbling world. Aliens and robot enemies all seek the power of the light, but the light cannot fall into the wrong hands, so the Guardians must fight to survive and keep the peace, with players taking on deadly missions together and collecting new loot along the way.

Reddit user CloudLXXXV discovered the most recent glitch. There are two parts to this glitch, with both having different outcomes. The first glitch will remove all enemies from the Cosmodrome, which will prevent the Battleground mode from being completed. This is obviously not the glitch that players will be taking advantage of, with the second glitch making the Battlegrounds mode much easier to complete by yourself.

The second glitch only happens after players have battled their way through the first part of the Battlegrounds, taking down the boss and getting through the barrier. The key to beginning this exploit is jumping up onto a small ledge and through a skylight, the moment the Lunar Complex message pops up. This message can be found in the room where the Cabal and the Hive are fighting. This is also where the roof hole can be found. Look for a ceiling fan slowly rotating in the roof. From here, players are out of the Battlegrounds map zone and can make their way through the zone without facing any enemies.

Players need to jump from rooftops and platforms to avoid falling back into the battle zones and make their way into Skywatch. Inside the building, players can avoid the entire rite of passage section and instead take down the zone’s enemies. After completing the ghost hack sequence, Val Ma’rag will spawn within the barrier. The glitch will have worked if the boss does not have a health bar. Players will still have to fight through all three sections of the fight, but once Val Ma’rag goes down, the Rite of Proving can be activated. However, this time, the boss will instantly disappear as the players have technically already beat him, and the quest will complete.

Players have been finding exploration glitches in Destiny since the first game released in 2014, with videos of Guardians in areas blocked off or bugged all over the internet. During the most recent season of the Beyond Light expansion, players could find their ways into zones not yet released. Currently, Bungie is facing issues with players cheating their way into victory in the Trial of Osiris and players also using a glitch to have 12 players participate in raids. However, Bungie isn’t rushing to fix the last one anytime soon. Bungie’s developers have a lot on their plate right now.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. 

Source: Reddit

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