Destiny 2: Dead Man’s Tale God Roll (& How to Get It)

The Dead Man’s Tale exotic scout rifle debuted in Destiny 2 on February 16, 2021 during the second week of Season of the Chosen. Like the Hawkmoon, The Dead Mann’s Tale’s initial acquisition comes with its innate perks and a question mark in one of its perk slots to indicate it is another exotic capable of random rolls. As such, the weapon has the potential for god rolls and there are a couple options in that regard.

To obtain The Dead Man’s Tale the first time, players must acquire the quest by scanning an item in the Arms Dealer strike, visiting Zavala in the Tower, complete The Presage quest on The Tangled Shore, and then visit Zavala again. From there, Guardians can complete The Presage quest as many times as they wish to keep obtaining copies of The Dead Man’s Tale with random rolls. A weapon with low recoil, getting a solid barrel, magazine, and random perk makes the exotic scout rifle a contender for one of the most fun exotic kinetic weapons in Destiny 2.

The Dead Man’s Tale is an impressive weapon in Destiny 2. Sporting low recoil and great range, the exotic scout rifle ramps up damage with each precision hit, up to five stacks. As kinetic weapons go, The Dead Man’s Tale is a decent one to have when dealing with tougher enemies, such as majors, bosses, or other Guardians in Gambit and the Crucible. To that end, there is a specific god roll that is useful in both PvE and PvP.

For the barrel, The Dead Man’s Tale can benefit from a few options, such as Smallbore, Full Bore, and Fluted Barrel. However, for the sake of dealing damage in relative safety, Full Bore tends to have the most benefit, maximizing the range at which players can take out enemies. This is especially useful in more difficult PvE content or in the Crucible.

Next, the weapon’s magazine. Here, gamers can benefit from Armor-Piercing Rounds, Accurized Rounds, or Light Mag. For making this scout rifle a glorified sniper rifle, fans should focus on trying to get Accurized Rounds, though, Light Mag is a sufficient second choice (and the increased reload speed is helpful). Again, the further away Guardians can dispatch enemies, the more useful this scout rifle becomes.

The final random roll is the most important. While the weapon’s barrel and magazine both focus on maximizing The Dead Man’s Tale’s range, the random perk will focus on reload speed. While Vorpal Weapon (increased damage against bosses and Guardians with their Super active) is a good roll, Outlaw proves to be more efficient, giving players an incentive to land those precision killing blows and maximize time on target by augmenting reload speed. Fourth Time’s the Charm is a viable option, returning a round to the magazine every four precision hits, though, Outlaw is more consistent depending on players’ accuracy.

Thus, the most efficient god roll for The Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2 looks like this:

Combine these traits with the weapon’s innate, constant perks and The Dead Man’s Tale is a force with which to be reckoned in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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