Derry Girls: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Derry Girls might just be one of the quirkiest and most hilarious sitcoms out there to stream right now, and this beloved and unique cast brings these dynamic and relatable characters to life. While most of them have their comedy, intelligence is a whole other thing when it comes to this group.

From the parents to the teens, there sometimes is a lack of brains, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some strong minds amongst this bunch. It’s time to stack up these characters in terms of intelligence and see who is actually the most intelligent.

It’s no secret that Orla is one of the purest and most hilarious characters on this show, but that doesn’t exactly mean she’s the smartest. Orla is all about the moment, but she’s certainly a bit ditzy, and it makes for some pretty hilarious and cringy moments.

She certainly takes after her mother, and it’s not really a debate that these two are at the bottom of this list. Orla probably has a lot of wild thoughts that are out of this world, but there’s really nothing to show fans that she’s actually intelligent.

Sarah can have some redeeming moments, but, whether it’s totally missing what her sister says or letting sarcasm fly right over her head, Sarah also lives in the world of Sarah—and that’s it.

She’s a likable and sweet character, but, if any fan had to rely on one of these characters for literally anything that involved common sense, intelligence, or problem-solving, Sarah would be one of their last choices.

Joe has a different kind of intelligence, and it’s hard to really reflect on all of it through this list. Joe has experience and wisdom, but his age definitely holds him back. Whether it’s radio stations or the president visiting, Joe has had some pretty cringy moments, and he also definitely doesn’t really understand anything about the girls and their adventures, as wholesome as their relationship may be.

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