Deadpool Battles the X-Men Instead of King in Black in Sneak Preview

Warning: contains spoilers for Savage Avengers #19

Instead of battling the King in Black, Deadpool fights the X-Men in the latest Savage Avengers preview. After escaping from prison with the help of Conan and Night Flyer, the three attempt to rob the Hellfire Club. During the burglary, three members of the X-Men arrive inside the house via the Krakoan Gate. Though the King in Black is in the middle of his takeover of Earth at the time, Deadpool and his companions focus their attention on the X-Men instead of the alien invader. 

In the preview for Savage Avengers #19 by Gerry Dugan with art by Kev Walker, Scott Hanna, and Java Tartaglia, Iceman is recovering from the absolutely devastating blow issued by Conan the Barbarian. Conan originally believed the mutant to be a human with Frost Giant ancestry, but he was shown that wasn’t the case. As he is regenerating, Iceman tells the Cimmerian that he was holding back against Conan since he was fighting a human and killing or doing immeasurable harm to humans is illegal under the laws of Krakoa, but given Conan’s symbiotic upgrade, Iceman starts unleashing the full might of his powers. 

As Conan and Iceman go toe-to-toe, Bishop, who had previously been thrown back through the portal, returns to the fight, but as fans soon learn, he comes with the intention of something other than vengeance in mind. All the while Callisto, who had successfully removed Deadpool from the fight, begins to let up on the mutate, asking him if he is ready to behave and seemingly having the same idea as Bishop. By the end of the preview, it is revealed that while they initially launched an attack against the intruders, the X-Men could have use for them in the real fight against the King in Black. 

While Deadpool’s action scenes are fairly non-existent in this latest Savage Avengers preview as well as the assassin proving to be pretty insufficient when the fight initially broke out in Savage Avengers #18, his immediate goals are made clear in both the previous issue and this preview. Not only does he agree to rob a known X-Men affiliated house, Deadpool doesn’t hesitate to fight the mutants once he and his teammates are caught. A reactionary fight or flight instinct kicking in is the logical explanation to Deadpool’s actions, but the end result remains the same. Instead of using his enhanced abilities to fight the true danger that is the King in Black, Deadpool helps two people he barely knows break out of jail then rob the X-Men all while the world is shrouded in darkness. 

Deadpool has always been portrayed as a childish character who plays by his own rules, but his latest actions are a step beyond immature. In the past, the Merc with a Mouth would stop at nothing to complete his mission, whether heroic or not. Deadpool is a trained mercenary in all forms of deadly weapons with heightened abilities granted to him by his mutation including rapid healing and immortality. The fact that Deadpool would rather burglarize a house and fight the X-Men than help save the world is uncharacteristically lazy and selfish. Even though Deadpool initially battles the X-Men instead of the King in Black, it looks as though the fighting is beginning to subside and Deadpool could be teaming up with the mutant strike force to help finish off symbiotic invaders once and for all.

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