Dead To Me: Why Judy Is Actually The Show’s True Main Character

The popularity of Netflix’s Dead to Me stems from it being fresh, riveting, funny, and tragic; all tied together with brilliant performances by leads Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. While this drama series definitely centers around Jen, there’s no denying that Judy has a pretty important part to play as the new friend with ulterior motives.

There is a staggering amount of arguments to prove Judy is actually the show’s main character, rather than Jen and her family. Diving deeply into Judy’s character can prove why she’s the highlight, as well as the core, of this provocative series.

There’s nothing better than a television series that follows a spontaneous and sporadic character. In fact, most leading characters are the ones who make questionable decisions and have the viewers following their every step.

In this case, that’s definitely more Judy’s turf seeing as she’s always changing her mind, blurting out things, and making choices that affect pretty much everyone around her. If that doesn’t speak to being a main character, nothing does.

While Judy might be the most sporadic, she’s also the voice of reason. Fans can name multiple television shows where the main character is the one that usually has the final say. They tell the other characters how to feel and what to do.

Out of Jen and Judy, that role definitely fits Judy. She is always there for Jen, and she calms her down when she’s at her tipping point. Judy points out the logic and the reason behind everything, and she’s the voice that typically has the last say.

Obviously, the series also spends a lot of time focusing on Jen’s grief and the lives of her two sons. However, there’s a lot more change and progression when it comes to Judy. She ‘breaks it off’ with her husband, she moves in with Jen, she becomes homeless, she struggles with her career, and she suffers her own grief.

As far as Jen is concerned, she still owns the house with her sons, and there isn’t much ‘change’. On the other hand, typically the change and growth of a character is the center of a show, and that lands squarely with Judy.

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