DC’s Youngest Green Lantern Just Went on Her First Official Mission

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Green Lantern #2 from Josie Campbell and Andie Tong

The youngest Green Lantern just got her very first official mission from the Corps in DC’s Future State, where the Green Lantern’s light has very much been darkened. The Central Power Battery was somehow destroyed right in the midst of a large battle, leaving several Lanterns vulnerable without the power of their rings. While Lantern John Stewart led those who survived, more active Lanterns across the cosmos suddenly found themselves powerless. However, this wasn’t the case for Teen Lantern and her unique method for wielding the green light of willpower.

Teen Lantern, real name Keli Quintela, is a fairly new character in the DC Universe, having recently joined the ranks of Young Justice. After being given a unique Green Lantern power gauntlet in a junkyard from a dying alien, Keli managed to hack into the gauntlet itself. This allowed Keli to become the Teen Lantern at 11 years old, using the Green Lanterns’ light without the knowledge of the Guardians of Oa… until now, as seen in the story “Dead Space,” featured in the latest issue of Future State: Green Lantern.

In Future State: Green Lantern #2, it seems Keli’s role in the Corps has been cemented as John Stewart has taken her to the Guardians to decide what should be done with her. The Guardians are fairly concerned about Keli and her gauntlet, largely due to the fact that it bears a resemblance to the one used by the classic Green Lantern villain known as Krona. As such, the Guardians have managed to determine the device’s point of origin, and they charge the excited girl to rendezvous with Green Lantern Jo Mullien to investigate. However, she won’t be traveling alone. They give Keli an escort in the form of Mogo the Living Planet. Even so, as the pair travels through the starless region known as the Void, the Central Power Battery fails, which renders Mogo dormant and immobile. Thankfully, this is Keli’s chance to overcome her fears and truly earn her place as a Lantern, using her gauntlet to revive her new friend.

While Keli’s unique and mysterious gauntlet is still working without the Central Power Battery for the time being, there’s no telling how long it will last. Furthermore, Keli and Mogo are still trapped in the Void, with no means of escape even after 52 days by the story’s end. However, with a new Green Lantern series on the way in April, it’s seems likely Keli and her new planet-sized partner will be rescued at some point down the line, perhaps by Jo Mullein herself, as her ring doesn’t require a Power Battery.

In any case, Keli Quintela’s time alone in the dark forced her to confront her own fears in a big way, something that every Lantern must do in order to truly serve and protect the galaxy with the light of willpower. Now, she’s ready to venture forth and embrace her destiny as a genuine hero and Green Lantern going forward, rather than simply feeling as though she hacked her way into being the Teen Lantern in DC Comic’s Future State.

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