DC’s New Wonder Woman is Missing The Original’s Best Power

Warning! Potential spoilers for Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #2 by Dan Watters and Leila Del Duca!

What started out as the new Wonder Woman merely exhibiting one of her many quirks just became proof that Yara Flor doesn’t possess one of Diana’s most unique powers. Part of what makes Yara so intriguing is that she doesn’t hide the fact she’s a newbie. She almost relishes in it. One of many comical moments in Future State: Wonder Woman #1 that displayed this effectively transpired during her struggle against a hydra. Upon realizing that the possibility of her triumphing over the beast by cutting off its head was not only unlikely, but highly detrimental to her survival, she called out to her pegasus named Jerry for help. But he didn’t come. Her winged companion only came much later – and just in time, too.

Readers may have just viewed this as an example hilariously depicting the fact that, since Yara had just become leader of her Amazon army, her inexperience encumbered her ability to lead effectively. While that’s still very much the case, later events involving another steed prove that this failure runs much deeper. This is especially the case as this animal has nothing to do with her Amazonian background.

Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #2, written by Dan Watters with art by Leila Del Duca, begins with Yara trying to control the Headless Mule, an animal who would later serve as her steed for a race she agreed to participate in against the Sun God. She’s not doing well in her endeavors to calm the creature. In fact, she’s having trouble just putting on the bridle, with the ensuing scene actually resembling a rodeo. The creature is trying to buck her off as she attempts to just stay on. Her inability to connect with the creature is put on further display when the new Superman, Jon Kent, easily calms it. He then later adds insult to injury when he corrects her on the sex of the mule.

In other words, Yara cannot speak with or control animals, an ability that her predecessor, Diana, possesses. While not portrayed in the films of the DC Extended Universe, Diana has spoken with various species of animals on many occasions, which definitely helped her when she served as a pet psychiatrist long ago. But her more impressive use of this power is whenever she successfully convinces members of the animal kingdom to come to her aide, like the time she had a shark devour marine robots in Wonder Woman #764.

So while Yara Flor doesn’t have all of Diana’s special powers, the lack thereof actually makes Yara a more compelling character. She is obviously a strong and overly courageous hero who isn’t scared of anything, not even Hades, the God of the Underworld. But Yara’s reactions to her shortcomings not only give readers a glimpse of her overly rambunctious and comical side, but reveal a much more willful character who must overcome, and does overcome, more flaws in ways that the original Wonder Woman never could.

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