DC: 10 “I’m Batman” Lines In Movies And TV, Ranked

The words “I’m Batman” will forever go down in history as the most iconic phrase Batman has ever said. Sure, he’s had plenty of other great lines including “Swear to me” and “Do you bleed” but they still don’t have the same impact as that catchphrase

The line is actually so iconic that it would surprise people that Batman actually doesn’t say it that often. Ben Affleck’s Batman across his three appearances so far has yet to say it, but with the upcoming Snyder cut, is it possible that fans will? Here’s another question for fans to contemplate. Out of all the people who have donned the cowl, who delivered the line the best.

It was George Clooney’s turn to take on Batman as well as the famous line. Sadly, it is easily the worst version of the famous catchphrase. As Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze attempts to steal a diamond from the Gotham Museum, Batman arrives through the skylight. The entrance wasn’t bad but it is immediately followed up by, “Hi, Freeze. I’m Batman.”

Rather than seeming like an intimidating vigilante or even adding an ounce of charm to the line, Clooney says it in a casual yet bored manner. George Clooney has openly stated that he hated working on 1997’s Batman & Robin and it shows through the delivery.

Rather than interrogating a criminal or making some grand entrance, he’s trying to save himself and Harvey Dent from bombs. He tells Harvey Dent that Anarky won’t let the bomb squad help them; when Dent asks how he knows so much, Batman replies with “I’m Batman.” As if he’s showing off.

This one has a nice delivery from Anthony Ruivivar in the criminally underrated Beware The Batman. It’s less of the typical variation of the phrase and more playing to the joke fans make about how Batman can do anything simply because he’s Batman.

There has been a joke in the community that Adam West’s Batman never had to say who he was; he just had to show up and everyone knew he was Batman. While he never had to, he actually did say the line before. In the episode “The Joker’s Last Laugh,” Batman approaches the bank teller who happens to be a robot.

“Good morning, Mr. Glee. I’m Batman.” This is very similar to how Clooney said it but Adam West brings much more charm to it. The best part though is how Mr. Glee responds: with an emotionless, “Obviously, sir.” The man’s attitude is the opposite of his name and the delivery lends to perfect comedic timing.

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