Curse of the Dead Gods: Beginner’s Tips & Tricks Guide

There are a bunch of roguelike games out there for players to check out, but Passtech Games’ Curse of the Dead Gods provides players with an extremely engaging experience. Players will be able to discover all kinds of new weapons to use in their journey, go up against interesting and dangerous enemies, and even learn how to operate the game’s fun mechanics. The problem though is that like most roguelikes Curse of the Dead Gods is a very difficult game.

Those who hope to make it very far in Curse of the Dead Gods will need to very quickly become acclimated to all of the different concepts and ideas that the game throws at them. Exploring deep into each temple is incredibly dangerous, and those who aren’t paying attention will get themselves killed more often than not. This guide gives players some easy tips and tricks for survival.

Keep an Eye on the Corruption Meter- One of the most important aspects of Curse of the Dead Gods is corruption and curses. As the player progresses through the temple there are several things that will increase their corruption. Entering a new room, healing and purchasing new items using blood, and even certain enemy attacks will increase the corruption meter. Once the player fills the bar all the way up they will receive a curse, which are negative status effects that can make the player’s journey infinitely more difficult. There are ways to counter and remove both corruption and curses, but they can be hard to come by. For this reason players should watch out for their corruption meter.

Decide if Gold or Blood is The Better Currency- There are actually several different currencies that players can get their hands on during the course of Curse of the Dead Gods, and they can all be used in different ways. Two of these currencies are Gold and Blood, and they are used to purchase weapons or relics during a run. The main currency that is used is Gold, but if the player doesn’t have enough they can instead offer Blood. This increases corruption but can be a good choice occasionally. If the player is trying to save their Gold up for something else, have very little corruption at the time, or have a certain status effect that relates to Blood Offerings then they might want to consider this even if it puts them closer to getting a curse.

Offer Your Weapons To The Gods- Players will find all kinds of different weapons in the world while playing this game, and they are able to switch from one weapon to the next relatively easily. The problem is that once they switch a weapon it must be abandoned for good on the ground, and only one of each weapon type can be carried at a time. Abandoned weapons aren’t completely worthless though, and instead, players can use them to their advantage by offering the old weapon to the Gods. This will grant them new relics, stat increases, or even the ability to reduce their corruption. The player should do this with every single weapon.

You Should Be Afraid of The Dark– Darkness is one of the most dangerous things that players will come across. The torch that the player was given at the beginning of the game was provided for a reason and should be used whenever possible. This is because many of the traps in the game will be obscured unless the player has their torch out to reveal them. On top of this though if the player manages to take damage while in darkness it will be increased by 20%. This means that players who want to do well should keep their torch out whenever they aren’t fighting enemies and attempt to keep braziers lit whenever possible.

Get Used to Different Weapon Types- Players will also want to know how to use each of the different types of weapons in the game really well. There are three main categories of weapons and the player can carry one of each at a time: Main, Off-Hand, and Two-Handed Weapons. Each of these three categories are then split up into 11 weapon types. Main Weapons have swords, claws, maces, and throwing weapons. Off-Hand weapons have pistols, shields, daggers, and whips. Two-Handed Weapons have spears, heavies, and bows. All 11 of these weapon types have completely different movesets and abilities, so players will want to become familiar with each of them when possible.

Use Dodging, Parrying, and Greed Kills Often- Most roguelikes don’t have complicated combat mechanics, but Curse of the Dead God is kind of the exception to that. Players who want to improve their skills will want to take advantage of three different mechanics as often as possible: Dodging, Parrying, and Greed Kills. If the player can dodge an attack at the last possible second will allow them to replenish one point of Stamina (effectively negating damage and regenerating the stamina used to dodge. If the player dodges into the enemy when they attack though they can trigger a parry that will replenish two points of stamina and stun their enemy. Greed Kills however are kills that the player gets without taking damage. The longer the player can go without being injured then the more Gold enemies provide upon death. Each of these mechanics are incredibly useful.

Running and Traps are Your Friends- This may be a game about constantly fighting enemies, but one of the best methods for dealing with enemies is actually running away or using the environment to the player’s advantage. If the player gets overwhelmed by a huge number of enemies it is really easy to take a step back to cool down or take a few minutes to plan out the next move. Running away is also a great way to get a group of enemies to chase them, which can then lead to a set of traps like spikes or flamethrowers. Not every enemy has to be faced head on in this game.

Pay Attention to The Map- This should be a given, but there is a reason that the game shows the player the map in between each room. The player can look at this map and effectively plan out the route that they would like to take through the temple. This also means that players can plan their route based on what kinds of reimgs or items they want to acquire or provide themselves with an easier or more difficult challenge by choosing a specific route.

Some Blessings Are Worthless and Some Curses Are Advantageous- This sounds slightly counterintuitive but some of the blessings in this game don’t help very much, and some of the curses are more advantageous than they are detrimental. It isn’t worth it at all to use a blessing that isn’t going to give players the stats or abilities that they need. On the other hand with curses, there are several in this game that will allow the player to use things that seem negative to help them defeat enemies. For example, one of the curses causes enemies to explode upon death. This can harm the player quite a bit, but they can also use it to defeat nearby enemies.

Don’t Even Try to Play With Keyboard and Mouse- Probably the best piece of advice that someone can be given when playing Curse of the Dead Gods is that they should just completely avoid trying to use the keyboard and mouse. There is a reason why the game comes with a disclaimer recommending that a controller is used, and its because the game is way more difficult when not using a controller. Players should do themselves a favor and grab their PlayStation or Xbox controller if possible.

Curse of the Dead Gods can be played on PC.

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