Curse of the Dead Gods: All Curses & How They Work

While no roguelike game is particularly easy, Curse of the Dead Gods has its own bunch of difficult concepts and mechanics that grant the game quite a bit of challenge. Players will need to dodge and parry their enemies’ attacks, face off against multiple extremely difficult bosses, and learn how to navigate the labyrinthian temple that they are faced with. No matter where the player goes there is something lurking in the shadows to cut their run short.

By far one of the most difficult concepts for players to grasp though is the different curses that the game presents them with. As the player progresses through the game they are likely to pick up a great number of these curses on their journey. They can affect things like the player’s health, their enemies’ skill sets, or even warp the world around them for good. This guide shows players all the game’s curses and how they work.

These curses are ones that the player can pick up at any point in time in any of the temples. These are most likely the ones that the player will be dealing with most often.

The player can only pick up these curses within the Jaguar Temple.

These curses will only be able to be acquired while the player is within the Serpent Temple.

The player will only be able to pick up these curses within the Eagle Temple.

The final curse is technically a general curse that can be picked up at any time, but there is a special caveat that determines when the player gets.

Xbeltz’aloc’s Truth- Health will continue to drop until it reaches one HP. It will not decrease below one point unless the player takes damage. Keep in mind that the only way to acquire the final curse is to have four other curses already. This is the only final curse to acquire at this time, but it is extremely debilitating.

Curse of The Dead Gods can be played on PC.

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