Curse of the Dead Gods: All Blessings & How They Work

Those who want to do well against the onslaught of difficult challenges that they will face in Curse of the Dead Gods, will need to quickly adjust to this game’s many different mechanics. Players will need to understand how dodging/parrying works against different foes, how lighting can be used as both a good and bad thing, and even what all of the game’s different curses will do to them. If a player doesn’t take the time to embrace these mechanics then they aren’t going to survive for very long.

One of the most important things that the player can acquire in Curse of the Dead Gods though is blessings. These gifts from the gods are able to grant them all kinds of different bonuses during a run that can not be obtained any other way. This guide shows how players how to acquire blessings and all of the ones available to them.

Those who want to get their hands on blessings may not immediately realize how this is done. Unlike curses, the player won’t pick these up during the course of their run, but rather will need to select them in between runs through a temple. Back in the hub area of the game the player will first want to interact with the skull icon on the floor in order to access different sections that allow them to improve their character.

Once this has been done the player will then be able to enter the Blessings Tab where they will see the full list of all the blessings in the game. Using Crystal Skulls the player will then be able to purchase any blessing that they want as long as they have enough money, but some instead though must be unlocked using Blood Emblems. Keep in mind though that only three blessings can be equipped at a time, so players should only spend their money on things that they are actually going to use. Once a blessing has been purchased and equipped it will then provide some kind of benefit to the player starting on their next run that will only go away if the blessing is removed.

This is the God of Jaguar temple’s blessings. Most of these blessings are centered around defending against enemies or improving stamina and health.

The God of the Serpent temple has several interesting blessings to offer the player. Most of these are centered around boosting perception or gaining gold.

The God of the Eagle Temple has a host of solid and useful blessings in her possession as well. Many of these blessings will be centered around increasing the dexterity stat or dealing damage to foes.

Curse of the Dead Gods can be played on PC.

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