Control: How to Beat The Former Boss Fight

Throughout the course of Control players will have no choice but to go up against several very strong and difficult enemies. For this reason, it is imperative that players quickly figure out how to make themselves more powerful and how to make the best use of their abilities. As time goes on though this will become more and more difficult.

One of the most difficult aspects of the game though is whenever the player runs into one of the game’s bosses. These enemies aren’t ones that the player will come across during the course of the main quest, but several side quests have a boss waiting for the player at the end. One such boss is The Former, which is a massive and annoying enemy that can cause players quite a bit of trouble if they aren’t careful. This guide shows players how to bring The Former down.

Players will come across the first time during the side mission Fridge Duty, and then again later during the Langston’s Runaway mission. Luckily, both fights play out exactly the same so the strategy won’t be any different no matter what. The Former is a very large monster that will tower above the player and is mostly shrouded in darkness for much of the fight. On top of its large head though is a huge glowing eye that gives the player a perfect target to direct their attacks at.

The basic idea of this fight is to pick items up off the ground using telekinesis and then throwing the items directly into The Former’s massive eye. If the player runs out of energy they can also switch to shooting their service pistol into the boss’ eye as well to deal damage. Players will need to keep in mind that The Former will start launching energy attacks at the player, but these can either be avoided or grabbed with telekinesis and launched right back at the boss.

The only other thing to keep an eye out for during this fight is that The Former can also use its huge legs to try and stomp the player. This attack is actually very easy to avoid, but it leaves massive holes in the floor that if the player falls into will cause them to die immediately. Use levitate to get out of the way of these and keep attacking their eye and The Former will go down in no time at all.

Control can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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