Charmed & 9 Other Successful TV Reboots You Need To See

Reboots have become very common in today’s landscape and often due to the will to update or integrate modern values into an older series and a bit of banking on the popularity of the original series. Charmed has been met with such treatment, with the series proving popular for The CW and confirming the notion that reboots can find the same success that the originals had.

Charmed isn’t the only series that has accomplished this, though, as there are quite a few other shows that have followed the same formula. These are the ones that aren’t strictly sequel series but are their own thing and yet employ the thematic qualities of the original. Their success has been measured by critical acclaim and for their success in ratings and renewals for new seasons.

The Vera sisters not only discover they have a half-sister they didn’t know about, but that they are supposed to be “The Charmed Ones,” a powerful trio who must protect people from dark forces. While they have their individual powers, it’s together that they are at their strongest.

One of the things viewers can learn from Charmed is the value of family, which the reboot brings forward as well. The series has been a success due to it being representative of the times while retaining that magical charm the original introduced. The sisters have the right chemistry needed for fans to tune in for the long-run.

In the new version of One Day at a Time, a Cuban-American family struggles to get by due to a combination of real-world issues and the matriarch’s battle with PTSD. However, they quickly learn to adjust to their living situation and accept one another for all their flaws and quirks.

Due to its likable characters, this reboot was hugely successful when it comes to critical acclaim. While the general idea of surviving “one day at a time” remains the same as the original, the reboot is far more mature in tackling issues such as sexism, mental illness, and gender identity, which makes it walk a fine balance between comedy and drama.

In The Twilight Zone, strange happenings occur to a number of people in various places, often with no valid explanation whatsoever. With no one having any clue how to deal with these phenomena, things can take disturbing turns very quickly.

A modern take on the classic series that has many essential must-watch episodes, the reboot has been successful in snagging big-name actors and placing their characters in situations that deal with moral themes. The new series has a particular scary twist that gives way for more creative storylines that both new and old fans will enjoy.

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