Captain America: 10 Times Steve Rogers Was a Total Himbo

Himbos are an incredible group of people. A combination of the words “him” and “bimbo,” a himbo is, defined as, “an extremely attractive but vacuous man.” Himbos are not necessarily stupid, though they can be quite lacking in the common sense department. They are unassuming, naive even, at times. Himbos are also kind, sweet, supportive, encouraging, They have been described as the antidote to toxic masculinity because of their sheer idealism.

Steve Rogers fits a lot of these descriptions. He is strong, imposing, tall, and muscular, but never threatening. He’s idealistic, a genuinely good man who just happens to be a superhero. Steve is far from stupid, but his inner himbo has come to light more than once during his time in the MCU and fans love him even more for it.

After the Tesseract is stolen by Loki, Fury interrupts Steve’s gym session to tell him about the situation. He warns Steve that the world got even stranger since the 1940s, but Cap remains skeptical.

When Steve first sees the inside of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier, he concedes defeat. Without showing any visible emotion, he simply hands Fury his $10 bucks, his eyes too concerned marveling at his surroundings. Steve is a man of his word and throughout his arc during the Infinity Saga, he keeps being surprised by the events around him. By the time he goes into space in a talking raccoon’s ship, he’s used to being surprised but he never stops adorably marveling. The way he hands over the check, owning his own shock with good humor qualifies him as a himbo for sure.

Time and again, Steve tries and fails at flirting. His awkward attempts are often charming and only slightly uncomfortable. This shows that even with all his physical assets and achievements, Steve is still humble and doesn’t think too highly of himself. Deep within, he’s still that kid from Brooklyn.

Peggy is actually won over by his clumsy flirting attempts and so is Sharon, to a lesser degree. He never actually tries to flirt with Natasha, and the two instead become close friends and perhaps even confidants, but they still have an endearing chemistry and a good friendship which cements Steve’s himbo status. It can be argued Steve’s aw-shucks kind of charm extends to the many close male friendships he has as well, with Bucky, Sam Wilson, even Tony Stark, and more.

Shortly after his transformation in The First Avenger, Steve is used as a propaganda tool for the US government. Initially shy to speak in front of large crowds, he soon becomes comfortable in his position and even excels at it. Things change when he is asked to speak in front of a group of actual soldiers, who humiliate and chase him away from the stage.

Steve’s attitude remains strong and hopeful throughout the whole ordeal. Even if he feels like a dancing monkey who only does what others tell him, he still believes he’s doing good and contributing to something bigger than him, which is the only thing he ever wanted. The earnestness with which he wants to help, combined with his uncertainty in himself and his new super-serum-ed body, is endearing and prime himbo territory.

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