Canine Intervention: Why Jas Leverette Thinks There Are No ‘Bad Dogs’

Netflix just dropped another reality docuseries called Canine Intervention, which stars host and celebrity dog trainer, Jas Leverette. He is using the show to reveal his long-held belief that “there are no bad dogs, just uninformed owners.” Growing up, Jas was always a dog person, and even though he had plenty of friends, he just connected more with dogs. Later, when his life got rough, dogs protected Leverette and even saved his life, and he’s returning the favor.

Over a million dogs are euthanized each year, simply because people don’t understand the img of canine aggression. According to Leverette, understanding the feelings that lead a dog to act aggressively can and will change everything. His goal is to create harmony between a dog and a human being… and make sure no dogs are ever euthanized again. Someone get the tissues, this one’s gonna wreck us.

Jas has a deep understanding of a dog’s inner emotional life. He understands that dogs are more like people than we realize. He says that when they attack, it’s most often a response that any human would have as well. In an interview with the LA Times, he explained, “When someone attacks you before they get to know you, that hate and ignorance usually comes from a place of insecurity and fearfulness, right? Or it might be because they’ve had a tough life, and they don’t have that emotional stability because of whatever traumatic situation they might have been through.”

Leverette also believes that dog training should be a fun and positive experience, for both the dog and the human. Long gone are the days of the authoritarian, strict “pistols blazing” training. As an alternative, Jas opts for a gentler approach. In his opinion, it’s incumbent upon the human to properly motivate the dog to stay focused and obedient.

Jas notes that engaging with a dog is a lot like engaging with children. The goal is to be present in the relationship so that your dog, or child, can integrate successfully with society. He says, “When people can’t engage their kids — because Instagram’s got them, TV’s got them, whatever in the world has got them — they can’t even get them to tune in, and then they lose them.” Parents of dogs and children, “have to figure out that kid and what it is that keeps them engaged so they don’t go astray.

Jas knows that the most important piece of the puzzle is fun. No one wants to engage in a consistently negative experience. He realizes that “we’re all creatures, we all need a little scratch on the back and someone to say, ‘Good job, you’re doing great.’” We can all learn a lot from this respected dog trainer and his new show.

Canine Intervention is now streaming on Netflix

Source: LA Times

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