Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Top 10 Most Serious Cases In The Show

The squad in Brooklyn Nine-Nine have had their fair share of shenanigans while working cases. They even take needed fun breaks like hosting their annual Halloween heist. But the detectives are some of New York’s best when it comes to eradicating crime. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of comedy here and there.

Some cases were mediocre and certain events weren’t 100% official police business. Throughout the show, the detectives have had some serious cases to tackle including murders, escaped convicts, and even the kidnapping of Cheddar. The detectives always managed to reign supreme, collect evidence and catch the bad guy, especially when it was a serious situation.

While Terry helps Jake get wedding planning done, Rosa and Amy work on a serious case. The bane of Rosa’s existence resurfaces after seven years in hiding. Sergio Mindar is a ruthless killer who built his own meth empire. Rosa and Amy were in charge of the case but were never able to catch him.

The case is so important that Amy leaves the wedding duties to Jake on his day off. After being foiled once, Rosa and Amy go undercover at a nursing home to interrogate the suspect’s mother. After no leads, they soon realize that Mindar stashed his money at the nursing home and had an accomplice. Amy and Rosa finally catch their guy.

At the beginning of season two, Jake is deep undercover in an Italian mob. His cover is as an ex-cop who switches sides to a life of crime. At the wedding for two members, Jack gives the signal for the precinct to swarm in without blowing his cover. Despite the sting being successful, one mobster got away.

This leads Jake having to go undercover once again to get more information. He plays off that he was never arrested in the takedown. His information leads him to question the mobster’s girlfriend. After a brief showdown involving a gun to Jake’s head, Jake finally gets what he needs. Sadly, Jake gets there too late and the mobster escapes.

Jake and Amy take on a mildly serious case that has Jake feeling jealousy. Jake rewards Amy on passing the Sergeants exam with her last case: a serial arsonist connected to the Saturday crossword puzzle. To make things even more exciting, they are connected to Melvin Stermley, Amy’s favorite puzzle master.

Fans know that the guest star portraying the puzzle master happens to be Melissa Fumero’s real-life husband, David Fumero. As the three try to find new evidence and solve the case, Jake gets jealous at how much Amy and Vin have in common. Using puzzle clues and detective work, they solve the case.

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