Bridgerton: The Main Characters & Their Gossip Girl Counterpart

No matter the time or place, people will always be interested in gossip. Whether it’s about a close acquaintance or a famous person, gossip has an almost irresistible quality to it, a morbid interest that captures the attention and refuses to let go. Bridgerton and Gossip Girl have more than a few things in common, and gossip is at the heart of both stories.

High society enjoys it more than they should, and they spread it as a hobby. The characters in both shows deal with an anonymous figure who knows everything about them and while some adore the spotlight, others loathe it. At the end of the day, though, all these characters share a similar situation despite living in completely different times, reminding fans that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Colin and Eric aren’t really interested in the schemes and dramas of their respective worlds. They pretty much stay on the sideline, by choice. Whenever they are dragged to their relatives’ dramas, they do their best to avoid escalation and simply deal with the hand they’ve been dealt.

They’re both young, inexperienced, somewhat naive, and easy to take advantage of. Neither is the best at playing the gossip game, which is why they usually don’t. And though they both have a promising future ahead, they’re down to earth and never brag about their abilities.

Both powerful and wealthy women with a lot of free time in their hands and a tendency for the dramatic, Queen Charlotte and CeCe Rhodes are both masters at the game. They pretty much enjoy provoking chaos and sit back to watch it unfold without really caring about the consequences.

They’re not precisely evil per se, they simply like things done their way and go to great lengths to ensure it. They both show kindness at different times in their respective shows, but that never prevents them from going back to their more scheming and mischievous ways.

Unlike the Queen and CeCe, Portia and Lily are quite Machiavellian. They’re both deeply concerned with appearances and will do everything in their power to keep them intact. They’re not above lying or cheating, and society’s opinion will always have a huge say in their decision-making.

They’re both loving mothers who do care about their children’s well-being. Their way of showing that, however, is almost always wrong, and their own selfishness prevents them from actually listening to their offspring, thinking they always know what’s better.

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