Bravely Default 2: Getting Started Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

Bravely Default 2 is a turn-based RPG that is reminiscent of the Final Fantasy games of old. The game can be extremely difficult, especially for people who are new to the genre.

The setting of Bravely Default 2 is different from the first two games in the series, but many of the same gameplay mechanics remain. The player still has a party of four characters on an epic quest involving four elemental crystals. The job system is back, with the player needed to crush the current owners of the jobs in order to unlock them. Bravely Default 2 has all of the customization options that fans will be familiar with, with passive job abilities that can be freely assigned to the character, in order to create powerful mixtures of commands and counters.

The feedback given to the developers of Bravely Default 2 after the first demo was that the game was too hard. They rectified this to a degree, but it can still be a challenging game when it wants to. The player will need all the advice they can get for Bravely Default 2, as not all of its systems are explained well, and some of the best tips are the ones that are easily overlooked.

A big part of Bravely Default 2‘s battle system involves striking enemy weaknesses. This extends to different weapon types, with the axe, bow, dagger, sword, spear, and staff each having different effects. The game glosses over the fact that the player can switch a character’s gear at any time during their turn. Just go to Items and scroll up to see the character’s current weapon and shield. Selecting Change will allow the player to switch out weapons for free. This can be essential for melee fighters during battles where the enemies have a mixture of weaknesses.

Like many turn-based RPGs, the player will need to grind battles for experience points and cash. Bravely Default 2 requires a lot of grinding, due to its brutally difficult boss fights. This can lead to frustration, as it’s easy to run out of MP within the space of a few battles. The most efficient way to level grind is to purchase as many Tents as possible and reach a rest point in a dungeon. These are red glowing circles that let the player use Tents and save the game. The player can fight battles near the rest point and they’ll be free to use all of their reimgs, as they can restore MP with the Tents. The player should earn enough cash from the battles to recoup the cost of the Tents and they’ll gain lots of experience points and job points in the process. It also helps to have some Teleport Gems to hand, as these can be used to quickly escape the dungeon and return to town for a restock.

In order to use all of a job’s abilities, the player will need to unlock them by defeating monsters. The player will keep unlocking jobs over the course of the game, and they should experiment with their abilities as much as possible. Once the player reaches the end-game, then they should settle on a mixture of classes and not worry so much about mastering all of them. The end-game bosses are especially difficult, so the player should come loaded with their best abilities. The player can master all of the classes through the scrub enemies in the dungeons, but when it comes to the bosses, they need to bring their strongest mix of jobs. This means losing out on job points, but those can easily be earned through the boat minigame or random battles if needed.

Every enemy in Bravely Default 2 has access to counters that can trigger depending on the player’s actions. These can be especially ruthless in the hands of bosses, as they can gain free actions in response to anything the party does. One of the easiest ways to wipe out the party in Bravely Default 2 is by cashing in as many BP as possible and going for an all-out attack on a boss. If the attack the player is using triggers a counter, then it will trigger a counter for every attack in the chain. This can lead to four attacks causing four counters, which will often result in the death of the party. As such, the player should take things slow and feel out the abilities of a boss before committing too much BP to an attack.

Bravely Default 2 will be released for Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021.

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