Bling Empire: Why Kelly Mi Li Can’t Stay Away From Andrew Gray

Kelly Mi Li and her boyfriend Andrew Gray are Bling Empire stars who put their tumultuous relationship on full display on the breakout Netflix reality show. While they’ve had breakups, Kelly and Andrew always seem to find their way back to each other. Kelly is sweet, successful, and beautiful. She can’t seem to stay away from the bad boy actor, Andrew.

Film producer Kelly began dating Andrew after she divorced her ex-husband, a successful Chinese businessman who was convicted for his role in a cybersecurity scam. Andrew is a model and actor who is best known for playing the red Power Ranger. Almost all of Kelly’s Bling Empire castmates disapproved of her relationship after seeing Andrew angrily lash out at Kelly. The couple saw a therapist who attempted to address Andrew’s lack of respect towards Kelly, but the therapist ultimately agreed that it was best for the couple to break up.

It’s true that Kelly and Andrew have reconciled since their nasty split on the show, and due to her troubled former marriage, Kelly may be more inclined to hang onto her current relationship. She also seems addicted to the highs and lows that she experiences with Andrew. Although Kelly appears to listen to her friends’ concerns about her relationship, she may also feel judged by them and think that Andrew is the only one who truly loves her. The fact that the entire world seems to be against their relationship might actually bring Andrew and Kelly closer together.

After witnessing his poor treatment of Kelly on the show, most fans of Bling Empire consider him to be the villain of the series. Andrew subtly shaded his haters by discussing how he’s overcome “self-limiting” beliefs on his Instagram, but most fans agree that his relationship problems have more to do with his anger issues than any lack of self-confidence. However, Andrew still has a loyal legion of fans who love to compliment his good looks. Kelly may also be charmed by Andrew’s attractive exterior.

Although Bling Empire was beloved by fans worldwide, season 2 has yet to be confirmed. After bringing a compelling and dramatic storyline to season 1, Andrew and Kelly will almost certainly be invited back if the series gets the green light. Now that the pair are back together, they will have much more to explore on the show in the future. If season 2 happens, fans will be watching to see how Andrew treats Kelly.

Bling Empire is now streaming on Netflix.

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