Bling Empire: Is Anna Shay Trying To Buy Kevin Kreider’s Friendship?

The fever dream that is Bling Empire features a lifestyle that most people would love to enjoy. The luxury on display in Netflix’s mega reality hit is incredible. Between the parties, the couture, and the high jewelry (which we all learned was somehow more special than regular fancy jewelry), the list of reasons why we want to be part of the Bling Empire gang is endless. However, there is more to appreciate about the show than this cast of characters’ über wealth, including the fact that all the show’s stars, including so-called villain Christine Chiu and quasi villain Kim Lee, are often incredibly kind, loving, and generous friends.

Perhaps the kindest, most loving, and most generous friend in the bunch is our newest icon, Anna Shay. Fans and stans cannot get enough of this heiress who levels her enemies with discreet whispers. She leaves a path of brilliance and accumulated life wisdom in her wake wherever she goes. We are happy to follow along, drinking it all in.

When it comes to her younger castmates, Anna is there for them with her wise words, but she is also there with her pocketbook. In the first episode, she took Kelly Mi Li on a private jet to Paris for her birthday. While in Paris, she closed the Boucheron jewelry boutique so she could enjoy a private shopping trip. At the shop, she gifted Kelly with a friendship ring valued at $7k, and this friendship ring wasn’t the type of “half heart” piece that leaves a green ring around a finger… it was crafted with pavé diamonds set in shining rose gold.

Later, Anna had Kevin Kreider, who’s actually rich (but poor in comparison to his castmates) over to her $16M Beverly Hills mansion for a private shopping day in her living room. While Dior reps helped them try on the newest high fashions, Kevin was shocked by the price tags. He put on a multi-thousand-dollar shirt and marveled at its buttery feel. He slipped on some pricey sneakers and felt like he could take on the whole world.

However, the prices were all too steep for him. Anna, who took off her shirt while trying on Dior designs, stepped in and told him that whatever he wanted, she was buying. Later, after feeling guilty for accepting the pricey gifts, Kevin attempted to return the expensive threads to Anna. She joked that it would be rude to return gifts in any culture, and then told him she wanted to give him a gift and so she did.

She went on to state that he shouldn’t be impressed by things, but by people and their actions. She wrapped up her life lesson by offering to take Kevin on more shopping sprees at the Dior store. Kevin, grinning ear-to-ear (because who wouldn’t be giddy to have such a generous new friend) rode off on his skateboard in his $3k Dior high-tops.

So, when it comes to Anna, is she generous or is she buying friends? The evidence points to the former. It’s not just Kelly and Kevin benefitting from Anna’s giving personality. When Cherie brought her daughter Jadore to the house, Anna draped the little girl in diamonds and got a massive kick out of how much the little girl loved the sparkly designs.

If all this wasn’t enough evidence, consider Anna’s reaction to getting paid by Netflix for her appearances on Bling Empire. Anna didn’t even touch the checks until someone told her she had to do something with them. So she stashed the money in a savings account and hopes to one day throw a party for the crew. She believes that the money belongs to them for putting up with her.

Bling Empire is now streaming on Netflix

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