Black Widow’s Perfect Life Doesn’t Involve Hawkeye

Warning: contains spoilers for Black Widow #5!

Black Widow‘s new perfect life doesn’t involve Hawkeye in the pages of Marvel Comics. Upon hearing the news that he isn’t part of her life, he is deeply upset especially since it comes after the fact that she didn’t even recognize him when he stopped by her new home to make sure that she was safe.

Natasha Romanoff has had a tough time recently, as she was abducted by her arch enemies, whose whole intent was to just keep her off the playing field knowing how hard she is to kill – so she was given a new life. That life was extremely happy — happier than she has ever been before. With a fiancé, a child, and a dream job, what more could she ask for? She repeatedly mentions just how disgustingly happy she is – only to have it all ripped away from her quite tragically. But her perfect life doesn’t include someone that has been a big part of her real-life: Hawkeye.

Clint and Natasha have a past and it is clear that he is not completely over her. They care about each other deeply, so the fact that he was not part of her happy – albeit fake – life cut him deep. Even knowing it was a silly reason to be upset, Clint still can’t help but mention to her how he feels about not being a name in her perfect life. Her fiancé’s name is James (named after James Buchanan Barnes AKA Winter Soldier), her son is named Steve (named after Steve Rogers AKA Captain America), and even the cat was named Logan (named after Wolverine, of course). Nowhere in her happiest life was the name Clint, or even Hawkeye for that matter, and this breaks his heart.

When Clint tells her that it really hurt him that he wasn’t included among the heroes, Natasha immediately lets him know that it was not her who chose the names of her new family. Instead, it was the people that kidnapped and brainwashed her. While that does seem to make Clint feel a bit better, she adds that she appreciates the thought hoping to help him understand. By the look on his face, he is still a little upset and even offers to spend the night with her to keep her company. She lets him know she needs to be alone, but that she loves him, and will always love him.

The fact that Clint was upset over the small detail such as his name was not included in Nat’s perfect life she didn’t even create, is a bit much – although it’s an incredibly sensitive and confusing situation. Regardless, it seems that maybe Natasha’s perfect life truly doesn’t include Hawkeye, at least not in a romantic way. Marvel Comics’ Black Widow #5 by Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande is available in comic shops and online now.

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