Black Widow’s Avengers Mech Suit Comes With An Awesome New Weapon

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers Mech Strike #2!

A new preview from Marvel Comics reveals that the Avengers‘ mech suits give Black Widow an awesome new weapon. Written by Jed Mackay with art by Carlos Magno, Avengers Mech Strike #2 features the Avengers fighting with their mech suits against deadly enemies who are only truly vulnerable to strikes from the team’s Vibranium-coated armor. In response, Marvel’s classic heroes have received new weapons that appear to deal a lot of damage, but this goes beyond the suits themselves: Cap gets a giant shield, Thor a new hammer, and Black Widow an awesome energy spear.

The Avengers’ new foes are the biomechanoids. These are giant creatures that eat energy, becoming more powerful the more they consume. Thanks to Tony Stark and his hobby of creating new suits, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have gotten a mech suit upgrade to stand a chance in the battles ahead. Each Avenger has their own mech suit, and while super-strong heroes like Captain Marvel and Hulk still benefit, the biggest upgrade is to the comparatively non-powered Natasha. She isn’t just fighting as a giant now, but she also has a cool new signature weapon fans haven’t seen before.

Avengers Mech Strike #2 opens with Iron Man and the Black Panther at Avengers Mountain, and the reveal that there have been fifteen attacks in the thirty-eight days since the biomechanoid the team fought in the first issue. Struggling against one of the monstrous creatures, Thor ends up restrained, calling on Black Widow for help he won’t quite admit he needs. Natasha charges to the rescue, activating her new energy spear – likely Vibranium-coated – and landing a single, focused blow that ends the fight.

Despite the win, it’s clear things are getting out of control. The biomechanoids deal a lot of damage, take a lot of damage, and they attack more frequently than the Avengers’ new suits seem able to handle. They are having to split into teams to address each attack, stretched thin both by their frequency and by the downtime needed to keep their mechs operational. It appears as though the Avengers are working on clocking time between events, most likely to try to nail down a pattern. What felt like the premise of a Saturday morning cartoon where the uber-powerful mechs would make quick work of each monstrous enemy is quickly becoming a war. It’s not surprising that Black Widow has sought out the weaponry to do the job right.

Usually, Black Widow is seen wielding guns, batons, or low-key stun gadgetry. She is skilled in combat and is proficient with many weapons, but her newest is definitely her coolest yet. Her new mech and energy spear appear to put her on the same heavy-hitting level as Thor and Hulk, allowing her to deal serious damage despite not having her own powers. This is giving fans a showcase of Black Widow not as the team’s morally dubious spy, but as one of their most able combatants. Avengers Mech Strike #2 releases March 3 and will reveal the team’s next step in their battle against the biomechanoids.

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