Black Ops Cold War: How to Unlock The Machete

There has been a massive surge of excitement surrounding Black Ops: Cold War Season 2. With Outbreak Zombies, new Warzone playlists, and brand new weapons, Season 2 continues a trend that Warzone launched almost one year ago. The latest season also added four new operators into the game. Season 2 comes with new game modes such as gun game and stockpile. New multiplayer and gunfight maps have been added to the game as well.

Every new season comes with new weapons to unlock. While most players’ attention focuses on how new guns may shake up the current Warzone meta, others gravitate towards new melee weapons unique to each season. This season brings us the Machete right at the beginning. There’s no need to explain what the Machete is as it’s been a popular melee weapon in every aspect of pop culture. More specifically, the Machete is often a choice zombie-killing weapon in every reputable undead-themed entity from The Walking Dead to all of George A. Romero’s zombie classics. This guide will walk players through unlocking the Machete in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Season 2.

To unlock the Machete in Black Ops: Cold War, players will have to get 15 Back Stabber medals in 15 different matches. As we’ve learned from the previous weapon unlock challenges, players cannot back out of the game once they’ve completed a leg of the challenge. This means it will take a minimum of 15 complete games to unlock the Machete, which can amount to around 2-3 hours of game time. The 15 game minimum is assuming players can achieve a Back Stabber medal in all 15 games. So, what is a Back Stabber Medal?

To achieve a Back Stabber medal, players will have to sneak up on an enemy and kill them with the combat knife from behind. It is imperative that they do NOT perform a finishing move as this will not count as a ‘backstab.’ The best way to go about this challenge is to equip a combat knife to any loadout and make the backstab a primary focus on the game. Once they get one, players can switch to their typical loadout and finish the match as usual.

Wait by high traffic doorways with Ninja equipped to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies. Yes, there will be some camping and cheeky gameplay involved with getting this challenge completed. Players can keep stun grenades equipped to disorient someone getting the drop on them. They can then run behind that stunned enemy and stab them clean in the back. This will be a frustrating challenge to complete, but the satisfaction of hearing the hot-mic will make everything worth it. Finally, after 15 games, players will have unlocked the Machete.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Last-Gen

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