Best Surround Sound Systems (Updated 2021)

Thanks to COVID-19, going to the theater isn’t as simple an experience to enjoy anymore so our home entertainment setups have become more important. What made going to the theaters so exciting is not only the stunning visuals on that great big screen but also the sound that literally surrounded us and connected us to the flick. That same sort of sound can be had at home with a home theater setup that includes the best surround sound system. But, sound is sound, right? Is surround sound really necessary to enjoy a movie at home? Yes! Yes! And yes! Without surround sound, you won’t experience that same enveloping sound found in theaters like the bone-shaking booms of explosions that rock you in your seat, the creepy creek of a floor coming from behind you, or the gentle caress of a rain shower.

Now that you know you want surround sound, how do you go about getting it? There is a myriad of surround sound systems available, each with its own unique characteristics and ability to produce surround sound, but how do you choose. Lucky you! Here’s a guide to point you in the right direction to choose the best surround sound system for your needs. Consider the pros and cons we’ve listed for each of these products as you decide which surround sound system is best for you. By the time you’ve finished reviewing this guide, you’ll have a good idea of which of these products is the best surround sound systems available in 2021.

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