Best Strategy Games (Updated 2020)

The world of board games has so many sub-categories that, at this point, you could probably make a whole new game where players compete just to keep track of them all. But, of all the sprawling sub-genres the board game market has spawned, one category has remained ubiquitous: the strategy board game.

Old-school games like Risk and Axis and Allies served as the early fathers of the genre, creating generations of players in search of games that would occupy their time without belittling their intelligence. And the market has certainly risen to the occasion, ballooning over the last twenty years to contain just about every type of strategy board game the modern gamer could imagine. The most popular strategy board games of today are wide-ranging, designed with a variety of ages, skills, and thematic preferences in mind. But whether new or old, classic or niche, family or adult— we’ve narrowed it down to our top ten picks for the best strategy board games.

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