Best-Selling Consoles (Updated 2020)

The gaming community is riddled with fan bases constantly at war to claim the title of “best.” Of these wars, console wars are the most controversial and feature the most heated rivalries across these communities worldwide. Console feuds go back to the ‘80s when Sega took on Nintendo for top position in the gaming market. The result of the first console war was some dope S-class games with accompanying major strides in the gaming technologies used back then.

This guide takes a look at some of the best-selling consoles, highlighting the changes these consoles have brought to the gaming universe and why they are extensively loved.

Ultimately, competitive rivalry accompanying console wars is healthy for the industry. Keeping it alive drives developers to create better hardware and complementary games. The next generation of consoles depends on such friendly competition to make gaming better for everyone. Otherwise, the industry would become stale and unrewarding for gamers. For more information, we’ve prepared a guide to the best-selling consoles.

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