Behind Her Eyes: Is Louise Actually Dead?

Warning: Spoilers for Behind Her Eyes season 1.

Behind Her Eyes has been explosively popular since its Netflix release on February 17, but the psychological/romantic thriller ends with a series of convoluted twists that are so wild it has viewers wondering if Louise is actually dead. Based on the 2017 novel of the same name, the series follows three main characters. Louise (Simona Brown) is a single mom who starts a new job working for David (Tom Bateman), who’s a psychiatrist. Though he’s married and her boss, the two strike up a steamy, secret affair. And, strangely enough, Louise actually becomes friends with Adele (Eve Hewson), who’s David’s wife. But there’s much more going on beneath the surface than a mere love triangle. Part of this is because Adele isn’t actually Adele at all; she’s Rob, the real Adele’s friend from a mental health/rehab facility years ago.

In the past, he convinced her to switch bodies via astral projection (a kind of lucid dreaming where the soul purposely leaves the body), and ended up killing her while she inhabited his real body, so that he could take her place as David’s (with who he’d become enamored) partner. Rob-Adele then planted David’s watch in the well where he stashed Adele-Rob’s body, in order to frame David and use the information as leverage, which forces him to stay in the relationship. Rob-Adele keeps close tabs on David, tormenting any women he suspects of vying for his affection. He does this with Louise, with whom he cultivates a seeming friendship. At the show’s end, there’s another Behind Her Eyes twist: Rob-Adele tricks Louise into another one of his cunning astral projection switcharoos and kills her while she’s now Louise-Adele. He does this by injecting her with a lethal dose of heroin, making it look as though the house he set on fire (to convince Louise to astral project into Adele’s body to save her) was part of a suicide that was meant to take their home down with “Adele” inside it.

It’s confusing, and viewers have been collectively scratching their heads at the convoluted plot. Rob, now Rob-Louise, is shown dragging Louise-Adele’s body out of the house, making it look like Louise did her best to try and save her friend (which, technically, the real Louise did attempt). The series then acts as though Louise-Adele is dead. Though her body is alive, her soul seems to have perished. But keeping in mind the supernatural themes that so many Behind Her Eyes scenes are fraught with, anything that isn’t explicitly depicted begs the question, “Is that what really happened?”

Louise-Adele is never shown to be pronounced dead, which leaves the possibility of the character remaining in a coma. Louise’s soul could still be alive, albeit in someone else’s body, in an unconscious state. Astute viewers have also noticed that, at the end of the series, when Rob-Louise returns home, he finds a seemingly random pigeon on his counter. The bird flies away and he doesn’t seem to give it any thought. However, with the show’s nature in mind, could this mundane scene be something more? In what viewers thought to be Louise’s final moments while trapped in Adele’s body, could she have pulled a stunt that only a Behind Her Eyes character could get away with and have astrally projected into the body of a bird outside the bedroom window?

It may sound like a stretch at first, but all of the series’ twists are stretches. It’s entirely possible Louise might have turned the tables on Rob (who’s now her), giving him a taste of his own supernaturally-enabled spying. After all, he knows the outlandish abilities of the world all too well, and to be on the lookout for others using them. It’s possible that the pigeon is merely a pigeon and nothing more. But if that’s all it is, it certainly makes for a random scene component with strange editing. Regardless, Behind Her Eyes is a Netflix show that’s not afraid of being unconventional or far-fetched.

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