Back To The Future: 10 Things The Sequel Got Wrong About 2015

The Back To The Future trilogy made a splash in the 1980s. Following Marty McFly and Doc Brown on time-traveling adventures, the series goes through several different points in time. Back To The Future became a key point in understanding how time travel works for other pop culture. Its most prominent point is that going into the past could change your future, a detail that was overturned during Avengers: Endgame. Still, Back To The Future became one of the most popular references to time travel, with scripts that let each film be completely entwined in the overall storyline and history.

Back To The Future Part II takes the first film’s concept and kicks it up a notch. Not only does Marty exist in 1985, but he also returns to 1955 and gets a look at his future in 2015. The film creates an engaging paradox where a Biff from 2015 visits 1955 and changes the future. Biff’s actions in 1955 create an alternate 1985, which forces Marty to fix his present. Still, one of the movie’s stand-out moments shows Marty and Doc visit 2015 in an attempt to save Marty’s family from a major downward spiral. While in 2015, Marty takes a tour of the area, and viewers are given an inside look into the possibility of what 2015 may look like. However, they didn’t get everything right.

Cars have improved since 1985. Vehicles had immensely updated safety features, technology, and other aspects by 2015. However, the way Back To The Future Part II presents flying cars is not accurate. The movie portrays active air traffic as cars fly through the sky. There are even traffic lights and sections acceptable for flying. But, none of that was going on in the real 2015.

Hoverboards that go far off the ground have yet to exist. The hoverboard Marty borrows can fly above the ground, and he still uses his foot to move the board forward. It doesn’t go very fast, but he still finds a way to outsmart the people chasing him. However, Marty hits a snag when he attempts to fly the board over water, something the hoverboard is not meant to do.

Back To The Future Part II is not the first film to suggest the concept of instant food. Still, having food heated up and edible so quickly had not happened during 2015. People still take their time cooking a meal, and, even if it is a food that needs to be heated up, such as a pre-cooked meal, it needs to take its time in the microwave or oven first. In the movie, a tiny pizza is referred to as being “hydrated” and grows to become a larger size, cooked and ready within seconds.

As for fresh fruit, that is also something people were still buying at a store or growing themselves. The movie shows picking fresh fruit off a plant in the kitchen that comes down from the ceiling.

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