Bachelor: Emmanuel Acho Replacing Chris Harrison To Host After The Final Rose

When Chris Harrison stepped aside as host of The Bachelor, ABC began scrambling to find a replacement. The next season of The Bachelorette is fast approaching, and the popular After the Final Rose episode is set to tape even sooner. For weeks, fans have wondered who might host ATFR in place of Chris Harrison, and industry insider Reality Steve finally shared that the host will be Emmanuel Acho.

After Chris Harrison’s removal, several options began to emerge as possible replacements for the long-time host. Fans suspected someone from inside the franchise, like former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay or JoJo Fletcher. Rumors also circulated that the network was considering someone from outside of Bachelor Nation. At one point, Michael Strahan was reportedly ABC’s pick for Chris Harrison’s replacement, but new information shows the network went in a different direction.

Rachel Lindsay suggested former NFL pro Emmanuel Acho as an option, and according to Reality Steve, she got her wish. The spoiler expert confirmed in an Instagram Story that Emmanuel Acho is confirmed as the host of ATFR, but does not know if he will be hosting the franchise permanently. Reality Steve also revealed that the ATFR special will be pre-taped and is set to film on Monday.  Acho, who co-hosts the Fox Sports debate show Speak For Yourself, rose to fame following his NFL career with his YouTube series Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man. These videos started airing after the killing of George Floyd, and Lindsay was one of the guests on the show.

Acho has also confirmed on his Instagram account that he will be hosting ATFR. ABC didn’t have long to select Chris Harrison’s replacement, and it appears they chose someone in the eleventh hour. Because the network has not decided if Acho will host permanently, the ATFR taping could be an audition, of sorts.

ABC is likely going to wait and see how fans react to Acho’s hosting abilities and make a decision then. There are still several weeks until ATFR airs, so the network has time to consider its options. Harrison has not been removed permanently, although the network was considering cutting him out of the remaining episodes of The Bachelor, which isn’t a good sign. His future with the franchise could depend on how much fans like Acho as a replacement host. If the response is positive, Acho could become Bachelor Nation’s new host moving forward. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Reality Steve/Instagram, Emmanuel Acho/Instagram

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