Bachelor: Clues From the Women Tell All About Who Could Be The Bachelorette

For the unspoiled fans of The Bachelor, there are very few things left unknown. Viewers who read spoilers know who Matt James’s final pick is, what happens to them after the show, and when the After the Final Rose finale show will be recorded. One major thing they still don’t know, however, is who the next Bachelorette will be. With the announcement due any day now, it’s anyone’s guess who will be the next woman to wear the crown. Fans thirsty for as much information as possible can look to the Women Tell All episode for clues about who the producers may have in mind for the role.

Unspoiled viewers used to know who the Bachelorette was. Last month Reality Steve promised it would be Katie Thurston, and that it had been announced during the Women Tell All episode. Katie then spoke out, saying that that was news to her. However, Reality Steve held strong that Katie would be the Bachelorette even if she hadn’t been announced at the WTA. However, that all changed after Chris Harrison’s latest controversy. When he went on Extra and defended Racheal Kirkconnell’s past attendance at an antebellum ball, things went south for the host. Harrison will not be hosting the After the Final Rose live show, and may not return to The Bachelor at all. With the backlash due to racism within the franchise, Reality Steve announced that Katie would no longer be the Bachelorette. Now, fans are trying to figure out who that lucky lady will be.

There are things that the most passionate viewers can look out for when trying to predict the next Bachelorette. Katie herself provides helpful clues, as some parts of her time during the Women Tell All hint that she may indeed have been the original pick. One clue is her dress, which costs $850 off the rack. Fans have noticed that only the future Bachelorette is provided with a dress by the Bachelor stylists during the live shows, and when the TikTok star was on The Bachelor her outfits were usually more affordable. Could the dress (and her pricey heels) have been given to her by a Bachelor stylist? Katie’s interview with Chris Harrison was also telling; Chris let her speak about her journey on the show and made sure to ask if she felt ready to love again. Katie said all the right things, announcing that she’s in a great place in her life and finally confident enough in herself to begin looking for love.

Based on these clues, only three other women from the Women Tell All had similar interviews to Katie. Abigail Heringer, Pieper James, and Serena Pitt all spoke to Chris one-on-one about their time on the show. One clue from The Bachelor’s very own Instagram account raised some eyebrows during the Women Tell All. @bachelorabc posted a photo of Abigail at the Women Tell All with the caption, “It’s the beauty and class for us.” The account did not post any photos of any other women. However, Serena P. was featured on Good Morning America the morning after the Women Tell All, which could be a big hint that she’s actually the producers’ pick. One last thing to consider: there are two women left on the show who will not end up with Matt. Depending on how their interviews on the After the Final Rose episode go, it could very well be Michelle or Bri gracing our screens as the next Bachelorette.

Since the most recent season of The Bachelorette brought back a cast member from an older season, Clare Crawley, it’s unlikely they’ll do that twice in a row. Judging from what audiences have seen during and after the Women Tell All, Abigail and Serena P. are the most likely contenders for the role of Bachelorette. If the After The Final Rose episode focuses heavily on either Bri or Michelle being ready to find love again, they could be contenders too. With the filming location already set, it won’t be long now before our next Bachelorette is revealed.

Source: Bachelor/ABC

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