Avatar’s New Show: The Best Way To Continue Aang’s Story

Avatar: The Last Airbender ended Aang’s story after the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, but now fans might finally have a chance to see the Gaang as adults.  Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino, the original creators of Avatar, have announced the launch of Avatar Studios, which will expand the franchise with more movies and television shows. There are several clear options for new stories, such as the next Avatar after Korra or an adaptation of the popular Kyoshi Avatar novels, but they could also continue Aang’s adventures with a new show exploring his adult years.

So far, Aang’s adult life has only been glimpsed in a few flashback scenes during Legend of Korra, as her birth as the Avatar required Aang’s death and reincarnation. The comics have also continued Aang’s story, but only in the years immediately following the end of the series. Even in his few minutes of screen time, Aang as a fully realized Avatar battling with bloodbender Yakone was a sight to behold, leaving fans clamoring for more. Other characters from the Gaang also appeared in Korra, but the story seldom dwelled on their lives after Avatar: The Last Airbender ending.

A new show centered entirely around Aang’s adult years would cover new ground for the franchise. Neither of the existing shows featured adult Avatars trained and ready for world-ending threats since Aang and Korra were both young and still mastering the elements when their villains forced them into conflict. However, viewers were occasionally treated to a tease of the incredible powers demonstrated by past adult Avatars like Kyoshi and Roku, who could remake the world around them with mastery of the elements. As the Gaang ages into adulthood, the show would also have a chance to explore the complexities that come with a new era of their history and their lives.

Focusing on Aang’s adult life would also give the show a chance to answer lingering questions. Little is known about Sokka’s adult life, as he died before the events of Legend of Korra, and Suki is never even mentioned. Fans are still debating the parentage of at least two of the original characters’ children, as Toph’s daughter Suyin and Zuko’s daughter Izumi never have their other parent revealed on the show. There are huge gaps in the life stories of Avatar’s beloved characters that could now be filled in.

Avatar will finally have new chapters in its incredible story, a long-anticipated return in the years since Legend of Korra ended. While Avatar Studios will likely delve into brand new creative angles on its unique world, they can also return to the characters fans already know and love entering a new phase of their lives. Avatar: The Last Airbender has left fans longing for more time with their favorite characters in the thirteen years since its finale, and the wait may soon be over.

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