Artemis Fowl: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac

Inspired by the Eoin Colfer book of the same name, the Disney+ movie, Artemis Fowl, sees a young boy seek to outsmart the fairy world in an effort to save his father. Along the way, he makes a few magical allies and learns a little bit more about himself.

Though not all of the characters from the series of novels make it into Disney’s first movie, there are still plenty of characters for the audience to identify with. In fact, based on personality traits and motivations, viewers can find their zodiac signs amongst the characters.

Mulch Diggums is, technically, the first character the audience meets. He tells the story of Artemis Fowl, and his flair for the dramatic as he does it might make him seem like a Sagittarius. That’s not the case. Mulch is definitely more in line with an Aries.

Though Mulch is a bit of an opportunist when it comes to picking pockets, he’s also a passionate individual. He knows what he likes – shiny things and treasure – and impulsively goes after them. Sure, he makes a deal with Root that would have him stealing from Artemis, but he also changes his mind and sides with the kid. He’s got that Aries knack for diving into new situations.

Dr. Po only features in one scene in the movie. He’s on hand at school to speak to Artemis about his behavior in class, specifically his lack of respect for those around him.

With his position of authority, his patient manner, and his stubborn attempt to get into Artemis’ head, he exemplifies all the traits of a Taurus. He even shows that a Taurus is a creature of comfort who appreciates the finer things in life as Dr. Po attempts to show off his family heirloom of a chair.

The Juliet Butler of the novels is much more of an Aries than the Juliet of the movie. There’s no fight she won’t leap into without a proper plan. She’s a smidge more cautious in the movie, but she also demonstrates a true gift for being calm under pressure.

As any Gemini would, Juliet takes the fact that Artemis and her brother catch a fairy in stride. She wears the glasses Artemis provides and tries to befriend Holly, even bringing her a meal. When events get a bit more chaotic in Fowl Manor, Juliet quite literally leaps into action, not letting a troll or fairy weapons phase her. She effortlessly adapts to new situations. The only thing that truly startles her is the possibility that her brother might not survive in the fight.

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