Apple Watch SE Colors: What To Know Before Buying

The Apple Watch SE is a great option for any iPhone user looking for a smartwatch and it can be purchased in a variety of colors. In fact, the choice of styles and designs with the Apple Watch is quite substantial, making it easy for just about any iPhone user to find a look to match their individual needs and style.

The Apple Watch SE is one of the newer models to arrive, along with the Apple Watch Series 6. However unlike the Apple Watch 6, the SE model is much cheaper, making it a better choice for anyone not looking to spend so much on a wearable. While the lower price does mean there are some compromises, and especially in terms of features, color choice is less of an issue. To be clear, there are less customization options than with the Apple Watch Series 6, but there are still plenty to choose from.

The Apple Watch SE is primarily available in three different colors. These are Silver Aluminum, Gold Aluminum, and Space Gray. Best of all, there’s no real difference in price between the colors, with all three available to buy starting from $279. However, it is worth noting that this color choice is simply for the smartwatch case. Once that’s chosen, buyers will still need to make a decision on the type of band. A decision that not only impacts on the overall color of the smartwatch, but potentially also the price.

Once the casing color has been decided on, there’s the decision of which band to go for. Although there are some super premium options available, the choice mainly comes down to the Sport Band, Solo Loop and the Sport loop. The Sport Band is more of a traditional watch band as it comes with a locking system. In contrast, the Solo Loop is one single piece with no clasp or lock in place. The Sport Loop is a cross between the two as it employs the single-piece design of the Solo Loop, but it comes with more breathable materials. Similar to the Sport Loop, there is also a Braided Solo Loop with a more comfortable and stretchable band.

Following the choice of which band to go with, then comes the decision of color. Again, this will somewhat depend on the band chosen, as the color options don’t equally apple to all of the different bands. However, as an example of the choice that’s on offer, the Sport Loop band with a Silver Aluminum case can be purchased in either Plum, Inverness Green, Deep Navy, Kumquat, Charcoal, Cream or Red.

Overall, there are plenty of color and customization options available with the Apple Watch SE, although some are more important than others. For example, the band can easily be changed for another in the future resulting a different look and feel. What can’t be changed without buying a new watch is the case, making the choice between the Silver Aluminum, Gold Aluminum, and Space Gray case the first and most important Apple Watch SE decision to make.

Source: Apple

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