Apex Legends: How to level up the Season 8 Battle Pass Fast and Easy

Season 8 of Apex Legends has many new vanity items through the Battle Pass, and getting them can be a chore. A few methods make getting to level 110 a breeze, even for the inexperienced Apex Legends player. The game makes life simple by giving a list of tasks to do to get them all, but there are easy ways to get them all accomplished to reach the end goal.

Season 8 introduces the Legend called Fuse and some changes to the King’s Canyon map that put a spin on some familiar areas. Fuse’s ship crash-landed in King’s Canyon’s northern section caused some changes to places like Artillery and created new areas like the Crash Site and Spotted Lake. These spots have tons of loot while not being as populated as the Market or the Repulsor sections. A few weapon changes have happened along with the new map changes, such as introducing the 30-30 rifle using heavy ammo. Also, some mod changes are on the scene, such as the Anvil Receiver’s arrival that grants harder hitting bullets but a slower firing rate.

For the Battle Passes in Apex Legends, leveling them up requires players to complete the challenges found every day and week during the event to gain stars. Those stars go towards the levels and the more stars collected, the higher the rank. It takes ten stars to achieve a rank, and acquiring them is done in various methods such as killing opponents, downing them, or even playing games or playing them with specific characters.

A straightforward way is to double, triple up, or more on some of the Challenges. For example, if the Challenges are asking to damage enemies with pistols, kill opponents as Fuse, kill enemies with a sniper rifle, get some top ten finishes, then make sure to have the right weapons on the character so that they can go down quickly. Another recommendation is to wait a few weeks before doubling up some of the tasks because as the weeks go by, there could be multiple instances of “Deal 5,000 damage”. For example, right now, Week 1 has a Challenge of 2500 damage with a sniper rifle, Week 2 has the Challenge to do 5,000 damage with either Gibraltar, Rampart, or Revenant, and Week 3 has players needing to deal 5,000 damage.

Put one weapon on one character and take out three weeks in one. Many of them will require a lot of playtime for sure, so putting some practice time in Firing Range and tweaking settings will go a long way. It will take a lot of playing time at the end of the day but can be significantly reduced by putting Challenges together and having friends join up as it gives an XP boost. If all else fails, stick with the one-star challenges to focus on as they are the easiest to do, such as getting 5,000 XP on the dailies, and the other Challenges will fall eventually, although not at the same rate.

Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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