Animal Crossing Villagers Replace Palicoes In Monster Hunter World Mod

In a unique mod for Monster Hunter World, the feline companions that follow a hunter have been turned into cat villagers from Animal Crossing. Monster Hunter’s Palicoes have always had a realistic, yet semi-cartoonish, look to them, but with these mods the hunter’s Palicoes have a more cutesy design than ever when hunting.

Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter are as opposite series as players can get. One is of building a community with animal friends and getting along in a peaceful environment, and the other is of hunting wildlife with an animal buddy or two. The two are opposites, yet both can produce hundreds of hours in play time with how much is packed into the games. With Monster Hunter Rise being less than a month away from release, that will be yet another Monster Hunter game to sink teeth into.

This mod, uploaded by Philosopickle on Nexusmods, replaces several of the game’s armor sets with designs of the Animal Crossing cat villagers. These include cats like the classic Bob, or the popular Ankha and Raymond, the latter of which many a player has gone through great troubles to find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Olivia, Kabuki, and Merry are also included in this Monster Hunter mod. Though not all of the Animal Crossing cats are covered, these skins are a very natural fit for the Palicoes and can be applied to the PC version of Monster Hunter World.

The modding scene for Monster Hunter World has gained traction for the amount of skins fans have created. Some popular skin mods for the game include Fire Emblem characters such as Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates, or characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 like the newest challengers to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pyra and Mythra. There are also weapon skin mods of weapons from past games in the series. The PC version of Monster Hunter World is very flexible with its customization, which is what allowed so many mods for the game to flourish.

This is also technically not the first time Animal Crossing has been featured in Monster Hunter, as Animal Crossing has had collaboration quests in the past. The reward was Palico armor in the style of Isabelle. Now, players are able to once again bring forth Animal Crossing in the world of Monster Hunter, albeit in a fan-made mod as opposed to official content. But a reprise of that same collaboration quest in the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise isn’t out of the question as future DLC.

Source: Nexusmods

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