Animal Crossing: How to Unlock Warp Pipes (Super Mario Crossover)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to add more content to the game with the advent of the Super Mario crossover. While the fanbase knew it was coming over a month ago, the Nintendo Direct on the 17th provided more details about what exactly was included in the update. Furniture items from other Nintendo series, like Mario and Zelda, have always been a part of the Animal Crossing series, so seeing them return is a welcoming sight. This time, one piece of furniture serves as more than just a decoration: the warp pipes, which are now fully functional.

Warp pipes, for those not in-the-know, are colorful pipes from the Mario games that the brothers can go inside to travel between different locations. In New Horizons, players can use them in a similar fashion to travel to and from long distances. The Able Sisters are now just a quick warp away, as are any other convenient time-saving shortcuts that players can muster. Here’s how to acquire the warp pipes in New Horizons after they’ve become accessible on March 1, as well as a few details to know about them

Warp Pipes aren’t unlocked by fulfilling any in-game accomplishment or milestone. Instead, they must be bought using bells. However, they’re not bought from Tommy and Timmy in Nook’s Cranny. Instead, players will need to head over to the Resident Services building and use the Nook Stop terminal to acquire one. After selecting the Nook shopping option, choose the promotional items tab. Scroll down through all the Mario-related items until finding the pipe. It costs only 5,000 bells to purchase, so players will be able to acquire one without spending many bells.

Now that players have warp pipes on hand or inventory, they will be able to place them all over their island! It doesn’t matter how far apart they are positioned, pipes will connect to one another regardless of the distance between them. There are two unique properties that players will want to be aware of regarding the pipes. The first is that more than two can be placed at a time. However, there’s no way to determine where the pipe will lead, as it will take the player to any pipe currently placed on the island. Another unique feature is that pipes can be placed inside houses. This means that players can have a shortcut from their basement to the Museum, allowing for fast travel to anywhere on their island from within their own home.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for Nintendo Switch.

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