Animal Crossing: Every New Deep Sea Creature Coming in March

Animal Crossing: New Horizons turns a year old in March, meaning all players in both hemispheres have had an opportunity to find and catch every bug, fish, and deep sea creature available in the game so far. Many players are likely to complete their Museum’s Bug Gallery and Fish Gallery this month as they finish collecting and donating specimens for Blathers. A big part of gameplay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons hinges on players exploring their island at their own pace and capturing some of its natural wonders. Players can use crafted or purchased tools like fishing rods, nets, and swimming and diving gear to catch the various critters who also call the island home. These critters can be kept, somewhat like pets or decorations, turned into statues, donated to the Museum, or sold for extra bells. As the months and seasons change, so do the available critters on and around a player’s island.

March marks another change of seasons for Animal Crossing fans around the world, and players in both hemispheres will begin to see new spring or fall creatures making their way back to the island. In March, five deep-sea creatures head to the Northern hemisphere, and five to the Southern hemisphere. At the end of March, one deep-sea creature will leave the Northern hemisphere, and eight will leave the Southern hemisphere. Here is every deep-sea creature coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March, and everything leaving once March ends.

Deep-sea creatures were introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with the summer update last June, along with the swimming and diving mechanics for the game. While deep-sea creatures are similar to fish and go in the Fish Gallery when donated to the Museum, they can only be caught by equipping a wetsuit and jumping into the ocean waters surrounding the island. Players will need to find shadows in the water of a creature at the ocean floor and dive down to grab it before it manages to swim or scuttle away.

Generally, the faster a creature is, the rarer and more valuable it will be. Players looking to pull one of these creatures should approach its shadow the same way they approach skittish bugs and avoid swimming too quickly. They will need to wait until their character is right on top of the shadow before diving down to improve their chances of grabbing a quick creature before it can escape.

There are five new deep-sea creatures coming to both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, with some overlap. Players in both hemispheres can expect to find the Chambered Nautilus, Umbrella Octopus, and Turban Shell. There are two others exclusive to each hemisphere.

Deep-Sea Creatures Coming to Both Hemispheres

Deep-Sea Creatures Coming to the Northern Hemisphere

Deep-Sea Creatures Coming to the Southern Hemisphere

At the end of March, players in the Northern hemisphere will no longer be able to find the Red King Crab. In the Southern hemisphere, players will no longer be able to find the following:

Players in the Southern hemisphere who have not yet caught any of these creatures will want to make a point to do a lot of diving in March before these species disappear for another year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for Nintendo Switch.

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