Animal Crossing: Every New Bug Coming in March

Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates its one-year anniversary in March, meaning all players in both hemispheres have had an opportunity to find and catch every bug, fish, and deep sea creature available in the game so far. Many players are likely to complete their Museum’s Bug Gallery and Fish Gallery this month as they finish collecting and donating specimens to Blathers. A big part of gameplay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons hinges on players exploring their island at their own pace and capturing some of its natural wonders. These critters can be kept, somewhat like pets or decorations, turned into statues, donated to the Museum, or sold for extra bells. As the months and seasons change, so do the available critters on and around a player’s island.

With the start of spring in Animal Crossing’s Northern hemisphere and fall in the Southern hemisphere, players can expect to find new bugs around their islands. It is officially butterfly season again, and both hemispheres can expect to see a few different species fluttering around the island. Players in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres can look forward to nine new critters each, with one species coming to both hemispheres this month. Players in the Southern hemisphere can also find two new bugs that are only accessible from hitting rocks. At the end of the month, players in the Northern hemisphere will only need to bid farewell to one species, while players in the Southern hemisphere will no longer be able to find 18 species. Here are all the new bugs coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March, and everything leaving at the end of the month.

Animal Crossing Players will need to make sure they have a good net, either purchased or crafted. Players in the Southern hemisphere will also need to make sure they have a good shovel to hit the rocks needed to find Pill Bugs and Centipedes.

Some of the species arriving in March are skittish. Players will need to remember to approach bugs carefully, especially skittish ones, to prevent them from flying or skittering away before they can swing their net and grab them.

None of the new bugs to arrive in February are especially expensive. However, to get the most money for netting March bugs, players can wait until Flick appears on the island. He will always pay 30% more bells for bugs. Players can also bring three of any kind of bug to him to get a special statue made that can be used as decoration for a house or outdoors in the village.

Bugs Coming to Both Hemispheres in March

Bugs Coming to the Northern Hemisphere in March

Bugs Coming to the Southern Hemisphere in March

At the end of March, the Emperor Butterfly will leave the Northern hemisphere. In the Southern hemisphere, the following species will leave islands after March 30:

Players who still have not caught these creatures may want to prioritize finding them this month. Otherwise, they will need to wait another year or time travel to complete their Museum collection.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for Nintendo Switch.

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