Among Us: ONE Change Could Make Emergency Meetings Even More Tense

There are a lot of tense moments in InnerSloth’s Among Us, but there is one change the developers could make that would make everything even more unsettling – give Crewmates the ability to have heart attacks. Fear is an important part of Among Us’ gameplay, and adding a new option into Among Us where Crewmates could get so scared that they could actually keel over and die would not only provide a lot of complementary functionality to the Impostor’s Sabotage function,  but would also create a new gray area in Among Us’ Emergency Meetings and make gamers play more cautiously.

Among Us offers players lots of chances to be scared. Whether it is stumbling across a body suddenly, being disrupted while trying to finish a particularly annoying Among Us task, or by seeing an Impostor vent right in front of their eyes, Among Us players are constantly being forced to act suddenly to the things which happen around them while also trying to complete objectives and attempting not to get murdered themselves. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Games like Among Us are incredibly stressful at times, and although that may be reflected in the way players act during Emergency Meetings or gameplay, it’s not really represented on screen. The “beans” in Among Us don’t have much in the way of facial expression, and apart from the quick animations which play during Among Us’ kill screens and whenever a body is reported or a meeting is called, players don’t really have much to go on for how those characters are actually handling the situation around them. This is a small issue, but InnerSloth has the ability to offer players a solution which would not only give Among Us’ Crewmates more character, but also add an extra layer to gameplay.

Among Us should add a function which measures a Crewmate’s stress level. This could be implemented with some sort of slowly-growing bar in the game’s UI, with an on-screen alert graphic over the character’s head, or even as an invisible mechanic in the background. Actions such as stumbling upon a body, getting Sabotaged, seeing an Impostor vent, or witnessing a murder could raise this stress level, and if these Crewmates don’t calm themselves down quickly by performing a task or by standing still, too many stressful occurrences could cause Among Us’ Crewmates to have a heart attack.

When someone dies in Among Us, everyone knows it is because of an Impostor. However, if there was the ability to die with no Impostor around, this would add a new level of tension to Among Us’ Emergency Meetings. Imagine being a Crewmate on The Skeld and being lucky enough to get the “Submit Scan” task, but while being scanned (and watched by another player) someone Sabotages the lights and pushes that observing player’s stress level just far enough over the edge to trigger a heart attack. They drop dead, the Crewmate on the scanner is suddenly standing next to a dead body, and then someone else walks in. Accusations ensue. This would be even more relevant on Among Us’ Polus map, where players can check Vitals for each Crewmate.

Among Us is a fantastic game with far too few options for custom rules. From people who just want to play Among Us in single-player to people who want to play hide and seek or be the Impostor all the time, there are a lot of custom game modes fans have created already. Adding in a stress meter and the ability for Among Us’ Crewmates to die from something other than an Impostor would add a great deal of uncertainty to the game, and it would make Emergency Meetings that much more confusing. As more and more people play Among Us and the lies they tell begin to all sound the same, an addition like this would be perfect to keep the game fresh for returning players.

Among Us is currently available on PC and mobile.

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