Among Us Maps: Pros & Cons Of The Skeld, MIRA-HQ, & Polus

A huge part of playing Among Us is having a good understanding of each map, including its tasks, location names, and vent connections. With there only being three maps, it isn’t hard for players to start memorizing each one as well as other players’ patterns in their movement. Despite Among Us having simple core mechanics, gameplay can vary greatly depending on which map is chosen because each one has a very different layout.

Among Us launched in 2018 with a single map to play on, The Skeld, and Inner Sloth has since added Polus and MIRA HQ. After its immense spike in popularity in 2020, Inner Sloth has promised a long-awaited fourth Among Us map called Airship. While players have been waiting for this new map for over six months, they have become very acquainted with Among Us’ three existing maps. It doesn’t take long when scrolling through public lobbies or watching Among Us on live streams to tell that The Skeld is by-far the game’s most popular map, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Each one of Among Us’ maps has its pros and cons. One may be much larger than the other or have too many tasks in one area. Others may spread players too thin to keep track of everyone, and the ones that don’t have cameras make it harder to keep tabs on suspicious players. This article will break down every Among Us map and its pros and cons.

The Skeld being Among Us’ most popular map is a pro and a con, and the same can be said about its size. Being played so frequently makes it easier for players to familiarize themselves with the map. However, this also means that newer players are at a disadvantage. If a player doesn’t know the name of their last task or the room they were last in, it will make them look more suspicious automatically. Those who play on The Skeld better get up to speed quickly or they might be the next crewmate voted off. This is especially true to newer Impostors as they have to lie about their whereabouts in order to win.

The Skeld is also Among Us’ smallest map, which makes it easier for players to stick together. There aren’t any out-of-the-way rooms where the Impostor can hide bodies, and it’s a short walk to save the reactor from melting down or oxygen from depleting. However, this makes it much harder for the Impostor to get away with murder. Its size makes it the easiest Among Us map to learn, which makes it harder for inexperienced players to compete against The Skeld veterans. But after a few rounds on The Skeld, players will start to pick up on the most important callouts that might just save their lives.

MIRA-HQ is likely Among Us’ least popular map, and that’s for good reason. It isn’t the game’s largest map, but it is the most spread out and can sometimes be confusing. MIRA-HQ has a lot of dead ends which makes players have to backtrack in order to get to their next task, and the map’s central locations are all detached from one another. Some tasks are also tucked away in the map’s farthest corners which makes it easy for the Impostor’s kills to go unnoticed. Its spread-out tasks and long corridors make it harder to keep tabs on players, and the lack of cameras doesn’t help either.

However, MIRA-HQ is the most fun map Among Us Impostors. Its vents allow the Impostor to bounce all over the map, and its confusing dead ends make it a perfect map for trapping innocent crewmates. Because the reactor and oxygen tanks are so far out of the way, every time a sabotage is performed feels like a race against time. This can make for some intense and exciting moments, but the map’s confusing layout can sometimes make sabotages more frustrating than exciting. MIRA-HQ is great for Among Us crewmates who like a challenge and even better for Impostors who want to go on a killing spree.

Polus is a very well-designed map that balances out its massive explorable area with a large number of spread out tasks and plenty of surveillance. Polus is Among Us‘ largest map so far, which makes it one of the hardest to learn. There are a lot of tasks scattered throughout Polus and players will have to learn to communicate effectively with their fellow crewmates. Despite the map being large in size, the cameras make it easier for players to keep an eye on important pathways. As well, the vitals station lets players know when another crewmate has been killed, and there are plenty of windows players can peek through to secretly spy on nearby players.

Polus is a very competitive Among Us map because of its design. Its various windows make it harder for Impostors to kill crewmates, but this is countered by the map’s well-placed vents. There are also various choke points that Impostors can use to kill players where no one can see them. There are a few out-of-the-way tasks that not too many players will visit where Impostors can hide bodies, but they aren’t nearly as out of reach as MIRA-HQ’s. Because it isn’t played on as much as The Skeld, players may have a hard time retaining their knowledge of Polus, but it is still the best-designed Among Us map so far.

That being said, none of Among Us‘ maps are bad. Each one forces players to play differently adding more variety to the game. If players want a casual and more familiar experience, they should play on The Skeld. If crewmates want to feel like they’re fighting for their lives, they should play on MIRA-HQ. And if players like more competitive gameplay and a larger variety of tasks, Polus should be their map of choice. If players ever start to get bored with Among Us, all they need to do is switch the map they’re playing on for a drastic shift in gameplay.

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