All American: What Jordan & Simone’s Marriage Means For Her Spinoff

All American season 3 reveals Jordan Baker and Simone Hicks got married in Las Vegas, and that adds a huge twist to the story ahead of Simone’s spinoff show. Simone joined All American‘s story during season 2 when she tricked Jordan into believing that he was the father of her soon-to-be child. Although this proved to not be the case, Jordan fell in love with Simone and the two have had a strong relationship ever since.

Simone has become a slightly more central character in All American season 3, partially because The CW has plans to give her a spinoff show. A backdoor pilot for the spinoff will be included at some point in season 3 and setup Simone for her college adventure. The description of All American: Homecoming teases Simone’s story focusing on pursuing her tennis career again, attending a historic Black college, and the expected young adult drama troubles (including romantic ones). The show will be co-led by a Chicago baseball player. Heading into All American season 3, it seemed the best way to set up the next chapter in Simone’s story would be to end her relationship with Jordan, but the show has done the exact opposite.

All American season 3, episode 7 revealed that Jordan and Simone got married over the summer during the trip to Vegas. They originally planned to elope in secret, but Spencer and Olivia attended the ceremony in the end. This revelation came as a huge surprise as nothing else in season 3 indicated their relationship advanced to this level. They’ve had several rough patches recently but are still committed to making the relationship work. Now that All American has revealed their marriage, though, it’s difficult not to think about what it means for Simone’s spinoff. This is especially true considering there have been no signs that Jordan is moving to All American: Homecoming.

Jordan is one of the main characters of All American and he should continue to be involved in the show should it get renewed for a fourth season. While there’s a chance he could spend time as a recurring character on both shows, that could get complicated quickly. However, that might be what ends up happening now that his marriage to Simone was revealed to audiences. It is important to note that it doesn’t appear to be public knowledge yet. There have not been any conversations about them being married already by any other characters, so Spencer and Olivia might be the only ones who know. If the marriage lasts into All American‘s spinoff, the secret will have to be revealed by then.

Given the secrecy surrounding Jordan and Simone’s wedding, there’s also a chance All American could make this marriage short-lived. With Simone going to college for tennis and Jordan potentially going to play football somewhere else, a long-distance marriage for two college kids will be tough. Jordan and Simone getting a divorce would be a strange decision though. Nothing seems to have changed for them since getting married, so the writers easily could’ve left them dating if a split is coming. As All American season 3 continues to set up Simone’s spinoff and unravels Jordan and Simone’s marriage, these two elements will inevitably become intertwined.

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