All American Season 3 Hints At Olivia’s Downfall

All American season 3 hints at Olivia Baker’s downfall once her drinking secret is revealed. Olivia has once again played a big role in The CW’s football drama during the third season. Her story so far has largely focused on the mystery of what happened between her and Spencer during the summer. She’s also struggled to make her relationship with Asher work after they grew apart during this time, and she suspected he cheated on her. Another element of Olivia’s story in All American season 3 has been the return of her drinking.

Olivia’s battle for sobriety was featured throughout the first two seasons, but the All American season 2 finale showed that she might begin drinking again. After not elaborating on her state early on in the season, it was eventually confirmed that Olivia has secretly been drinking. So far, no one close to Olivia knows that she’s drinking, although her parents suspected that something was wrong. Olivia’s mom nearly found out, and it seemed as if Olivia was almost disappointed that the truth wasn’t revealed. However, All American has now teased that the secret will result in her downfall.

All American season 3 episode 7 finally showed what happened to the main cast during the summer trip to Las Vegas. That includes confirming Olivia stopped by to spend time with Spencer. They spent the day together exploring the city and shopping, which included a stop at a store that had a fortune teller. Olivia paid to hear what is ahead for her and Spencer’s futures, and that included a tease of a great secret. The fortune-teller said, “When it’s revealed, everything will change.” While she doesn’t directly say this is about Olivia, Spencer says later on that he doesn’t have a secret, and Olivia passes the secret off to Jordan. Even though this does lead to the discovery that he and Simone are getting married, the fortune could be a reference towards Olivia drinking again.

The reveal that Olivia is drinking again will undoubtedly shake up All American season 3 when the time comes and cause her life to change. Some of the fallout could vary depending on how and why the show’s biggest current secret is revealed. However, it won’t be surprising to see a few different scenarios play out. She could be sent to rehab potentially to try and get a better handle on her problems. This reveal will also likely put a strain on her relationships with her parents and Spencer, as well as on other friends and family members. And since Olivia is in her senior year of high school, trying to get sober will only make her busy life more hectic.

The fortune-teller also left Olivia with another ominous saying, as she told her, “You’ll never find what you’re looking for until you start being honest.” This can be seen as further evidence that Olivia is the one with a secret or two. While some might interpret this to be about Olivia looking for love but not being honest about how she feels about Spencer, it also works with her secret drinking. The happiness Olivia is looking for can’t be found until she’s honest about her struggles and allows people to help her. As All American season 3 continues to unfold, it will only be a matter of time before Olivia’s secret is revealed and her potential downfall occurs.

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