All 10 Harvest Moon: One World Marriage Candidates

Harvest Moon: One World will be releasing to the Nintendo Switch March 2nd, bringing fans a new title in the farming simulation genre. Players will be able to craft, farm, and raise animals as they explore the new maps and towns included in Harvest Moon: One World. Players will also be able to get married, and there are many cute bachelors and bachelorettes they will meet from different towns inspired by places that exist in real life.

While Harvest Moon: One World likely won’t include the same LGBTQA+ inclusive marriage of Story of Seasons, players can still romance five different characters of the opposite gender. Each NPC has their own unique backstory and specialties, giving fans a variety of different personalities to pick from. Some characters will be available at the start of the game, while others will become available after the player has explored different areas and seen more of the open world-inspired map, encouraging players to hold off on handing out the roses and chocolate at the start of a new save.

It also appears, according to Natsume, that players will be able to purchase DLC which will include new marriage candidates after the game’s initial release. The “Far East Adventure Pack” adds a whole new map and town, with more animals and crops, as well as NPCs that players can romance. This pack will cost players 12.99 USD if they don’t purchase the DLC Season Pass for 14.99 USD. Because there are many different expansions currently in the works for Harvest Moon: One World, the expansion pass may be worth investing in for players who want to make sure they have all the available content for the game.

Below are the five bachelorette options that will be available for players to romance in the base content for Harvest Moon: One World, and a few interesting facts about each candidate to help players plan for who they may want to spend time dating.

Below are the 5 bachelors that will be available to be romanced in the base game of Harvest Moon: One World. Many of the Bachelors are still missing detail that will hopefully be released as the game’s launch date gets closer.

While Harvest Moon hasn’t been as popular since it split with Story of Seasons developer Marvelous, the new title appears to have improved previous issues with graphics, gameplay, and overall appearance that were a problem in prior games like Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. With improved 3D models, and areas that look more like what players would expect of a game on the Nintendo Switch, Harvest Moon: One World holds promise for players who otherwise have ignored the series in recent years. While it is too soon to know if the game will hold up against Story of Seasons, it may be worth a shot for farming fans to pick up when it releases.

Source: Natsume

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