A Wonder Woman Villain Is Using A Trick From Watchmen

Warning: contains spoilers for Sensational Wonder Woman #8

Veronica Cale is one of Wonder Woman’s most nefarious villains and her latest scheme takes a page straight out of Watchmen. In the DC Digital First Sensational Wonder Woman #8, Cale uses climate manipulation technology to force the world into “peace,” and only Wonder Woman can stop her.

Long-time fans will see echoes of Ozymandias’ plan for world peace from Watchmen; he staged a fake alien invasion, causing the world’s nations to work together to fight a common threat. Essentially, Ozymandias tricked humanity into laying down their weapons and uniting. In the previous issue of Sensational Wonder Woman, an unknown force was disrupting planetary weather patterns, creating deep freezes in various places. Tracking the disruptions to their img, Wonder Woman learns the Blue Snowman is behind the attacks. One problem remains, however—the attacks were beyond the scope of the Blue Snowman’s reimgs, so they had to get help from someone, and readers learn that Veronica Cale was behind it all.

In Sensational Wonder Woman #8 from writer Corinna Bechko, artist Dani, and colorist by Mike Spicer, Diana confronts the villainous mastermind. One of Diana’s most cunning foes, Veronica Cale is a Luthor-level villain, gifted with genius-level intellect and in charge of a vast corporate empire, making her ideal to bankroll the Blue Snowman’s technology. When Wonder Woman presses Cale on her scheme, she reveals her plans to sabotage the world’s climate, freezing some cities and drowning others. Cale concludes by saying the nations of the world will finally have to learn to get along—all united in service to her. Realizing that it will take more than her to stop Cale for good, Wonder Woman travels to the United Nations, saying she will deal with Cale herself, but it will then be up to the rest of the world to hold Cale accountable for her actions.

Much like Ozymandias, Cale wants to bring the world together, and both stage disasters to force that unity. Their motives are different—Cale wants the world firmly under her control, whereas Ozymandias simply wants to unite it—he had no desire to actually rule the world he helped create. Ozymandias was successful in his plan, but Wonder Woman was successful in stopping Cale’s scheme. The irony is Veronica Cale will get her unity—in the form of the United Nations coming for her and her company.

The concept of a great disaster, be it an alien invasion or global climate disruptions, is a powerful one that resonates because it feels like something that could really happen. Alan Moore brought the idea to comics with Watchmen, giving the trope new layers, and now one of Wonder Woman’s greatest villains is using it as well.

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