A Million Little Things: Why Eddie & Katherine Are The Best Couple (& Why It’s Rome & Regina)

ABC’s A Million Little Things begins with the death of Jon Dixon, and how it impacts the lives of his friends and family that he’s left behind. No one’s life is perfect, and the death of their friend causes them to take a good look at their own lives. The show features several heavy topics, but amidst heartache, there lies some relationships that audiences love.

Katherine and Eddie and Rome and Regina are two very different couples that have dealt with different struggles, but they have their strengths and qualities that audiences love about them that contribute greatly to the show. Please note, this article contains darker themes

When Katherine wanted to quit the law firm she worked for and start her own business, Eddie supported her completely. Likewise, Katherine has always supported her husband’s career as a musician.

After Eddie is paralyzed in the season two finale, Katherine does everything she can to care for him and make him comfortable in their home when he becomes a wheelchair user. She is there to help him adjust to his changing circumstances.

Rome and Regina are successful, both as a couple and as individuals. They’re always there for their friends; Regina especially helped Delilah get through several things in her life, including Jon’s death and the fallout from Delilah’s affair with Eddie. Rome danced with Sophie in Jon’s place, and he helped PJ with his depression.

Both of them are more than capable of amazing things; even if they’re dealing with something in their own lives, they’re still there for others, and for each other.

Eddie and Katherine, while they struggled a couple in the beginning, have always remained a strong parental unit for Theo. Theo is close with both of his parents, especially Eddie since he was a stay-at-home dad.

Even as a working mom, working for a firm and then opening one of her own, Katherine always made time for Theo and it’s clear how much she loves him. Despite their marital problems, Katherine and Eddie were still there for Theo, through thick and thin.

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