90 Day Fiance: Why Fans Are Frustrated With Brandon’s Birth Control Jokes

Fans have criticized many people on 90 Day Fiancé season 8, and it appears that Brandon Gibbs is now earning more negativity than his parents for once. The most recent episode of the hit TLC show saw Brandon and his fiancé Julia avoiding an unexpected pregnancy after the couple feared Julia might have gotten pregnant. Brandon has been almost boastful about the unprotected sex he has been having with his Russian fiancé, but fans do not find his callous approach to safe sex to be humorous. While Brandon has been making light of the pregnancy scare, many viewers are unimpressed with a 28-year-old man’s inability to use a method of birth control when he doesn’t want to be a father.

Julia and Brandon are not the only season 8 couple to have a pregnancy scare, as co-stars Yara Zaya and Jovi Durfren found out that they were actually expecting a child together. The unplanned pregnancy came as a shock to Jovi who showed disbelief over Yara getting pregnant after a single sexual encounter. Jovie’s failure to understand conception has angered some fans who believe that adult couples with education and access to birth control should take cautions to not get pregnant. Brandon’s mother had awkwardly discussed birth control methods with Brandon and Julia in the past. While Julia does not want to get on the pill, many have been frustrated that Brandon openly refuses to wear a condom. Furthermore, fans found it to be bizarre that Brandon announced Julia’s potential condition to his parents before she took a test.

Brandon is currently in hot water after reposting a fan meme to his Instagram page this week that caused some anger from fans. The photos featured an image of Brandon playing Jenga and a screenshot of Julia announcing she wasn’t pregnant. “I beat Jena and pregnancy because my pull out game is strong,” the image caption reads. “Me-memes,” Brandon titled the post before further joking around with the hashtag #wordswithjulia. While Brandon apparently thought the pregnancy scare was funny, fans were largely unimpressed with his sense of humor. This isn’t the first time Brandon missed the mark with his humor, as he previously came under fire for referring to Julia as a slave in a skit after she was being overworked on his parents’ farm. You can view Brandon’s controversial post below:

I mean is that something to really be proud of? The pull and pray method never works,” a popular comment on the post reads. While some of the responses have defended the joke, many agreed that Brandon went too far. “That won’t be the case forever,” another fan wrote. While Brandon likes to joke around, it appears that many followers take the topic of safe sex seriously and didn’t appreciate him making light of the situation. “Your mom is not going to like this!” another fan wrote. However, Brandon’s rumored wife Julia liked the post in apparent approval.

While many fans also found Brandon’s post to be funny, the farm boy hasn’t been the most well-received man to appear on 90 Day Fiancé. Many viewers find that he is too much of a child and mama’s boy and he needs to grow up. However, fans ranked Andrew, Jovi and Mike as all being worse partners than Brandon in a recent social media debate. While many find Brandon to be immature, fans feel like the other three men are all selfish partners. Therefore, many fans are pulling for Brandon to grow up so that he can have a successful 90 Day Fiancé relationship. Unfortunately, his birth control jokes are not helping him win any maturity points.

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