90 Day Fiancé: Russ & Pao Show Cross-Country RV Trip For Florida Move

Russ and Paola Mayfield from 90 Day Fiancé recently showcased their cross-country RV trip for their Florida move. The veteran reality TV couple shared the video with their fans and even gave everyone a good look at their growing son, Axel.

Well, it appears that the years of trials, tribulations, and bickering over a new life in Florida has finally come to an end. Paola recently shared with fans online that she and Russ were moving to Tampa, in what sounds like an exhaustive few months of back and forth between Colorado and Oklahoma. The 33-minute video starts with Paola explaining the family’s slow start to embarking on its latest adventure. It then moves to the couple sitting in a packed vehicle, with little Axel sitting in his car seat, surrounded by household goods. The next step in this family’s future is buying and moving into an RV, so they can prepare for other events in their future.

“As soon as we get the RV, we’re going to be showing you guys,” Paola explained. “I’m going to be changing so many things in there to make it look like home.” Living in an RV has actually become a popular way of life with the advent and proliferation of the tiny house movement. RVs provide a wonderful, cost-effective way for people to have all the comforts of home without an expensive mortgage or having to pay property taxes. Paola and Russ detail all of the amenities associated with the model they’ve chosen for their family. The video also shows Russ explaining the best type of truck to purchase in order to haul their new home around.

They peruse a number of options, including ones with a washer/dryer and ample storage. Little Axel can even be heard in the background identifying the colors of some of the appliances in the structure. Paola’s hope was to have the RV in her name, but due to immigration issues surrounding her social security number, it wasn’t possible. Still, the video shows that they’re hyper-thrilled to be living in their own version of a tiny home. In the video anthology, they also answer questions from fans where they talk about Russ and his family, the end of his career in the oil industry, smoothie recipes, the state of their finances, and the holidays.

Russ and Paola Mayfield have finally gotten on the same page about where they will live as a family. It was getting tiresome listening to this otherwise happy and loving couple skewer each other over where they’d live and work. Unlike some in the 90 Day Fiance universe, Russ and Paola always seemed to have great chemistry, even when things in their union weren’t perfect. Now learning that they’ll start anew in the Sunshine State is a good sign that the family is stronger than ever.

Source: YouTube

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