90 Day Fiancé: Jovi Dufren Admits That He Enjoys Making Yara Zaya Mad

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé is rife with drama, especially when it comes to Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya. The American and Ukrainian couple have been faced with many issues, including an unexpected pregnancy. Beauty guru Yara enjoys the nice things in life and is often displeased by Jovi’s New Orleans life. His drinking and other low-brow antics often get her upset. Recently, fans have found Jovi to be insensitive to Yara’s pregnancy, which has resulted in the blonde beauty iconically telling her fiancé that she hates him at their engagement party. While Yara has been frequently getting upset on the hit TLC show, Jovi admitted on his Instagram Story that he enjoys irritating his partner.

While fans have been skeptical of Jovi for a while, many are now expanding their disdain to the people around Jovi. His parents and friends have been called into question for their treatment of Yara. Many applauded Yara for clapping back at Jovi’s mother when she tried to enforce stereotypes about women from Ukraine. Jovi’s parents have also been receiving criticism for insinuating that Yara was a gold digger using Jovi to get a green card and then expressing shock and disdain when Yara voiced she didn’t want to live in the United States. However, no one gets under Yara’s skin quite like Jovi. It turns out that her partner might be ruffling her feathers on purpose.

Jovi frequently interacts with fans through Instagram Story Q&A’s. The Louisiana native was recently asked if he loves “to piss Yara off” because it “seems like in every episode you making her mad.” Jovi responded with, “I mean it’s kind of fun.” He also reposted a video of him walking away from Yara during an argument with the text “what Jovi is good at.” Jovi then angered some fans who didn’t get his recent show reference when he shared his favorite thing about Yara and discussed her body. “Well she has a nice body. not now, before,” he wrote back to an inquiring fan. Jovi was also happy when a fan wrote in, “Who doesn’t like to day drink.” “Thank you,” he wrote back, “especially on vacation.” Jovi’s fondness for alcohol has been one of Yara’s major concerns, but the New Orleans resident does not appear to take his alleged drinking problem seriously.

The fiancé of Yara also revealed some information about filming, and it appears as though Jovi finds his portrayal to be accurate. “I don’t,” he responded to a fan who asked if he ever gets self-conscious around the cameras. “The most important thing I tried to focus on is just being myself through all of this.” However, he added that the filming process can be exhausting. “I don’t think most people understand how much time it takes. It’s hard work really.” Jovi teased that he will be revealing new content soon, including a full explanation about what he does for work.

Jovi isn’t the only season 8 partner to be disliked by fans. While both his parents and Brandon Gibbs’ parents have been cited as being some of the season 8 villains, a viewer recently asked for fans to choose the worst season 8 male American partner to have. While Jovi was edged out by Andrew Kenton for being the most loathsome partner, he was still nominated by many viewers. Andrew, Jovi and Mike Youngquist were all branded selfish partners, while Brandon was called out for being a mama’s boy. Overall, it appears that many viewers are critical of the current 90 Day Fiancé men, though many fans sympathize with Tunisian Zied Hakimi.

Source: Jovi Dufren

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