90 Day Fiance: Fan Claims Evelyn Cormier Paid For Private Jet Photo Op

Evelyn Cormier has been on both 90 Day Fiance and American Idol, so she’s familiar with reality shows and the ways they sometimes fake “reality.” Now she’s being accused of faking some reality after she released a picture of herself on Instagram. Fans caught onto what may have been a staged photo.

Evelyn married at the young age of 19 to a man nine years her senior. David Vazquez Zermeno was living in Granada, Spain, when he connected with Evelyn online. A year later, the couple married. They appeared on season five of 90 Day Fiance in 2017. In 2019, Evelyn returned to TV, appearing on American Idol for the show’s 17th season. She made it to the top 14 before being sent home. Evelyn, who has long been interested in music, and her husband then moved to L.A. to continue pursuing her singing career. Which led to her posting a picture on Instagram of herself on what looks like an upscale private jet that some Redditors simply don’t believe.

The picture shows Evelyn in thigh-high boots, fishnets, and a leather jacket sitting in a spacious jet with gold accents. The caption says “Lots of fun things ahead—can’t wait to share!! Stay tuned” and puts the location as KVNY Van Nuys Airport in California. The airport doesn’t host any of the usual commercial airlines and would be a likely place to catch a private jet. But some people on Reddit suspect the picture was not her waiting for takeoff, but merely a photo-op. One claimed Evelyn was clearly paying “$64 to pose,” referencing the information that widely spread in 2020 that studios were renting social media influencers a set that looked like a jet for $64 per hour. With only a small section of the jet visible, darkness outside the window, and nobody else in the picture, it’s hard to prove that she’s on a real jet (not a set) and one that’s staffed and on a runway, ready to take off.

In a world of scripted “reality” shows, buying followers, photoshopping fabulous vacations, and secret endorsement deals so bad that the Federal Trade Commission has gotten involved, it makes sense that people don’t believe their eyes. On the other hand, there’s also no evidence that it is a fake picture. Evelyn is not one of the 90 Day Fiance stars known for stretching the truth. She is a genuinely talented singer, who has practiced her craft for many years, and earned the praises of the American Idol judges. With her reality TV fame, she may have gotten the attention of a record label or TV show, who has decided to roll out the red carpet for her for the sake of publicity or to allow her to travel with less COVID risk. With an estimated 4,600 private jets flying around the world, some people really do get to fly on a jet. And Evelyn would not be the first 90 Day Fiance star to take a trip on a private jet.

There’s currently no evidence one way or the other about the authenticity. Evelyn may have gotten to enjoy some time in the lap of luxury or she may have been trying to fool people while posing on a set. It’s reasonable for people to be skeptical, but it’s also reasonable for people to post pictures on social media without needing to provide proof of every aspect of the photo. Sometimes it’s better to just let the unknowns go.

Source: Evelyn Cormier

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